Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mother's Day Weekend.

Time to get the shoes, and my feet ready for the SF 3 day. Believe me I am daunted by the lack of training this year. This Saturday was basically open so I elected it to be the day for my long walk. I had a hair appointment at 3:30 so in order to walk 18 miles I would have to start bright and early.

Another wrinkle is I need to break in new shoes. My New Balance "go to " style has changed this year, and in as much as they assure me it is basically the same, the blister at the end of the day proves, they are slightly different. I haven't had a blister in a couple of years from walking. It's a goof thing I am getting a jump on this now and hopefully by the 3 day I have new calluses where the blister is now.

Today's walk was from the Sausalito Ferry dock around ATT Park and back to the Ferry. I left at 7:15 and needed to get to the Ferry by 1:25, to be back in Corte Madera by 3:30... Not to mention printing flyers for my Sunday open and ordering a duvet cover.  All that juggling means I walk faster. I stop a little less... so maybe that is why Mr Blister is here.....

Here's your SF walk pictures . for some of you 3 dayers, this is a little preview of "some" of your walk.

Mornings in Marin and SF are often foggy.... like today.

Wild flowers on the way
 Cavallo Point... Our auction item (YES YOU CAN JUST EMAIL ME A BID) would include one night in one of these buildings and breakfast for two at Murray Circle!
 Lots of weekend warriors...Bikers, runners and sailors
 Coast Guard station at the Golden Gate
 Uphill climb
3000 Girl Scouts were "bridging" becoming Cadets
Back in my day there were a handful of people doing this. Now it is a HUGE event with many people along the route down to Crissy Field were there were games and tents and stuff!

 Crossing the bridge with the girl scouts
 Crissy Field
 They have taken some of the beams from the old freeway structure of Doyle Drive and transformed them into art.
 Beach at Crissy
 Coffee and pastry stop
 Maple Glazed Bacon Donut with Cappucinno
 Soccer Games on Marina Green
 Jefferson Street through Fishermen's wharf torn up. I think they are getting it ready to run street cars all the way to Marina Green.
 Fishermen's Wharf
 Cruise Ship outside Pier 39
 Preparations for the America's Cup
 At the America's Cup building the flags fly at half staff for "Bart" Simpson, British sailor who lost his life in an accident. Tragic
 Ferry Building
 One of my favorite flowers, sweet peas
 People dining outdoors before the game at Red's Java Hut
 Pre-game wine party
 I wasn't invited :(
 Folks waiting for the Atlanta/SF game
 Lou Seal and me
 The Embarcadero
Waiting for the ferry. I grab a quick Carnitas taco and Sandria.
I made it back in time to quickly shower, jump in clean clothes to my hair appointment.
PHEW. This day proved to me... I am close to being ready for the 3 day. If my feet hold and the creek don't rise, I just might be able to do it!