Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Long walks, but not long winded

It is getting to be crunch time and there is very little time to spend getting ready. So those days I do have I pack it in. I walked Friday to SF. Saturday from MV around Strawberry Point and around the Tiburon Peninsula. Sunday I walked with Leslie and her Mom to Cavallo and back. Monday I rested and yesterday I walked from MV to the Sausalito Ferry (ferry back to Sausalito) and back to MV.

I can say I am officially tired and have a genuine blister. But I am determined to do the best I can in this 3 day. There was NEVER a more important time to do so. The numbers are WAY down for the S 3 day. I am sure there are a multitude of reason the greatest of which is they moved the date up from October to June. That is a very short time to prepare, raise funds and encourage new people to walk.

Some said, if you feel like giving up, remember why you started in the first place. That hasn't changed. In fact this past week I heard of yet another woman losing her life to Breast Cancer. We have come so very far, it worries me that people become complacent with the effort.

I truly hope this years walk will exceed expectations, but the fact is the dollars will be down and we (none of us) can afford that. I ask that you please donate to our teammate Arlene. She is 70 years old and walking in her first 3 day. Her daughter had triple negative Breast Cancer, her granddaughter had Brain Cancer and she is a Cancer survivor herself. She has $1400 more to go to reach her goal.  Be as generous as you can... because the reason we walk has not changed, if anything it is even more important this year.

Now enjoy some pictures from the last several walks.

Leaving Tam Valley

Stop for coffee and muffin at Coyote Coffee


MT TAM from the dog park
Shelter Bay

Sunrise Pointe


Starting the walk around Strawberry Point

Great Circle

Strawberry Spit

Below East Strawberry

Across Richardson Bay to Mill Valley

Tiburon Linear Path

Tiburon Wine Festival
Lunch at Guaymas, Angel Island Ferry

Tiburon Historical Museum

Over to Angel Island

Tiburon Houses

The backside of Tiburon is much quieter. The road is called Paradise and honestly... it is pretty close.

Heading back

Lyford House
This was a 19.5 mile walk when all was said and done... and I made it in time to go to meet a client.

The next day should have been more leisurely but I had an open house at 2. We did take out time walking for breakfast at Cavallo Point. I did however power walk from Sausalito to my car. I made it right on time for the open, after a quick shower and change of clothes. This walk was 10 miles.

Yesterdays walk I followed the same path I have many times before, taking a last look at the cool metal sculptures on Crissy Field by Mark Di Suvero
Noticing for the second time the protest at the America's Cup venue.

At the end of this walk I had clocked another 18. I am definitely getting close to having some confidence that I can walk all 60. I know it will not be easy, but many things that matter are not. Once again I ask please to help my teammate meet her minimum of $2300. Anything you can do will help.