Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day - 10 miles - Open House - Chef to go - Skype

Mother's Day was NOT like any other day, it was busier.
With no kids around, I no longer lounge in bed and wait for the toast to arrive. Instead I head off for a walk, and plan on being everywhere at one time.
I had an open house scheduled at for 1pm - 4pm. Glenn hadn't seen his Dad while I was gone so that was a LONG time. So I had already bought the fixings for dinner that night. All that was left was to do something fun... and necessary.... walk.
I met up with my dear friend Patti and headed off to Cavallo Point. Its about 10 miles round trip from Patti's Houseboat to Cavallo. Plenty of time to catch up. But I had actually forgotten it was Mother's Day and Cavallo might be busy.
We found out Cavallo was not serving Breakfast at all just a Mother' Day Brunch.
So I looked at my favorite waiter and the reception gal (who both know us by now) with puppy dog sad eyes and they arranged for us to go have muffins and coffee with the hotel guests.
ANOTHER reason I love Cavallo.
A reminder we have an auction until June 10 for a night in a historic room and breakfast for two at Murray Circle. This is an $800 value. To bid you just comment here or on facebook or by email!
After all who wouldn't want to chill at the base of the bridge in surroundings like this?
I made it home with a bigger blister.... BUT in time for my open house. It was very well attended and I think the house will sell with multiple offers. After handing out Mother Day roses to about 40 people, and meeting and greeting about 30 others, I ran home to get changed, grabbed the food and headed down the peninsula with Glenn to his Dad's.
Before we ate we tried out the new wifi we set up in his house and pulled out the mini to introduce Opa to Skype.
He was amazed by the whole thing. Not the least of which was Alexandra herself.
Now it's Monday and I have a very full week. I knew if I didn't post these photos you would never see them...
Mother's Day is always bittersweet for me. I miss my Mother every day, but never more intensely than on Mother's Day.

 But I know I am extraordinarily blessed to have two wonderful girls and now a sweet granddaughter to call mine. I just wish we all were closer.