Monday, August 15, 2011

Scooping out the SF 3 day third day?

I am not walking in the SF 3 day as you know... I am walking in the DC 3 day. Of course this year they have shaken up the old route and changed it a great deal over the last several walks. This year SF is going by sea and air! And I am jealous.

The first day begins the same starting at the Cow Palace snaking over lands end, but it ends at a Red and White Ferry for a ride to Treasure Island where Camp will be. Now that is going to be one beautiful campsite with a dead on view of SF. The next day the ferry will take them somewhere in the East Bay. This I know because the first Cheer station is at Berkeley and the last downtown Oakland. The ferry will take them back to Treasure Island that day and the next it will take them... I am 95% sure to Tiburon.

Being as I am so jealou , and I at the last minute had someone volunteer to hold my Sunday open home, I decided to walk what I believe the final day of this year's 3 day will be.

Since our office is across the street from the Ferry, I had Glenn drop me off here.

Alain Pinel Tiburon. I am suggesting to the agents there they may want to set up a ten on this first leg for the walk like they did last year. The advantage here is that most of the walkers should be leaving about the same time.

On the Tiburon bike path I met my friend Kathy and walked to Blackie's Pasture with Yogi and her.

I was busy talking so I didn't take too many pictures of this scenic stretch. You can see Sausalito, Belvedere and the City on this bike path. It is one of the most beautiful anywhere.

It is all off road until you reach Blackie's pasture, then you walk along Greenwood Beach and some pretty nice homes.

The Lyford house is a Marin icon. It now serves as an Audubon Center.

On day 3 the first cheer station will be Strawberry Point School.

I believe they would then head up and over the hill on Ricardo. At the end of Ricardo you are at the car wash, and across the frontage road from the pedestrian overpass.

Then you are at Richardson Bay.

Walk across the reclaimed redwood bridge to the Mill Valley Sausalito Bike path.

Then you'll be at Bayfront Park. Probably the lunch stop will be here or at least a pitstop at the Middle School.

Then head back out on the path. Try and stay on the gravel pathways since bikes will come whizzing by without any courtesy (usually).

Look back at Mill Valley and the marsh with the fog hanging on the coast.

Head by the houseboats at the Sausalito Mill Valley border.

The final cheer section will be at Dunphy Park in Sausalito.

The route will probably stay on Bridgeway but just off of it are the harbors.

Avon walked by the Ferry terminal, but I am guessing the 3 day will stay on Bridgeway. Given the thousands and thousands of bikes and tourists they are smart not to hold this event in the summer. Really it has gotten out of control. I suppose it is good for the local economy (maybe one of the tourists will buy a house from me?) But it is a decided pain if you want to come to Sausalito.

You dodge bikes everywhere you go at the same time you dodge tourists who are meandering without looking where they are going. It's a maze for sure. But the walkers will keep heading along Bridgeway as it turns into South and then into Alexander.

Enjoying beautiful views of San Francisco and the boats on the bay.

Taking a turn on East Road, they will head down into Fort Baker.

Here there are some postcard quality City views.

They will come into Fort Baker and see Cavallo Point Lodge and the Discovery Museum.

Then hopefully they will be greeted by the Coast Guard folks decked in pink.

Then its the dreaded hill, 251 feet in .6 miles. That is a climb. Stop along the way and look back at the bay, take a picture or two, it won't be too bad at mile 14!

There always seems to be one or two protesters on the bridge. These two dressed in pink said remember Hiroshima, no nukes ever. It was right around here that I realized I would never get back to Mill Valley for my 5:30 appt. with clients. I looked at the ferry schedule it said the first ferry I would be able to catch would be the 6:30 ferry. There was no way I would be making the 4:45 ferry. I am sure hoping my clients will be ok with me calling and asking to reschedule. If I had walked back I would have gotten there about the same time as walking on to the ferry. I knew I would be at the ferry around 5:15. The only other option would have been to have Glenn come into the City to pick me up. But as I passed the traffic I had decided he would NOT appreciate that so I decided to walk on to the ferry.

Heading down into Crissy Field I made the call and left my clients a message.

This was THE most crowded I have seen this walk. Crissy was packed. There were times on the bridge where I was stopped behind people and bikes. What a pretty place though, no wonder they all were here.

Walking by the Palace of Fine Arts. I am not too sure where the holding area will be. I am imagining they may take a detour through the Marina.

They may walk by the St Francis Yacht Club.

After holding, their closing ceremonies will be at the Marina Green.

My GPS told me I had walked 18.01 miles to get here. I am supposing that would be pretty typical of a day 3. They always shave a couple of miles off making another day longer. So.... There you go. I however needed to keep on going, I walked through Fort Mason, The Aquatic Park (where I actually tripped and fell, the first fall in 3 years of walking ouch...), weaved my way through Fishermen's Wharf and in front of Pier 39, down the Embaracdero to the Ferry building, arriving at 5:15 with over an hour to wait for the 6:30 Ferry. GPS said 22 miles.

So what did I do????? I ordered a beer and ate salami of course.

Each and every walker trains for this event. They know there is a lot more to this walk than the walking. It is the commitment, the promise, the funds you raise that will bring an end to Breast Cancer. I thought of people going through treatment when I walked - I always do. I feel since they cannot walk, it is up to those of us who can to get this done. For those who did not make it in the battle, it is up to us to carry the flag. The flag that is raised at the end of each Susan G Komen 3 day. The flag says "A World without Breast Cancer."

CAN you help me make that happen? Can you donate?