Friday, August 26, 2011

Impeded progress

Life throws at all all sorts of obstacles. This past month, the east coast was hit by a earthquake and a hurricane. How many plans were thrown into the air because LIFE had other plans. You see coverage of brides packing up all their wedding, heading for higher ground. Months or years of planning lay behind them as they are forced to adjust. Surgeries that were scheduled are rescheduled as hospitals are evacuated. And no one has control over this. Our planning in the end is just for a best case scenario and life, if often there to challenge us with other plans.

Kind of like writing this post... I had 90% of it written, well laid out and near perfection and somehow.... poof there it went. So, I am writing a new version of what I had carefully laid out.

For me in the past week, I have seen a couple of things interfere with my plans. Let's start with being a Realtor. I didn't plan for this housing slow down, anymore than I planned for the foggiest summer in 30 years. I also didn't plan on having more listings than ever. Houses that would have sold in minutes last year sit in the fog this summer waiting for a buyer. I didn't plan on people hop skip and jumping up Marin for a longer commute and making my area of expertise one of the slowest in Marin. Ah... life. Just when you figure it out... things change.

Our 40th reunion was a blast, but it meant my training was put on hold last weekend. On Monday I woke up with one hecka of a cold. NASTY by any measure. I looked at my training schedule well into the last month before the 3 day and said "Yeah, nice idea..."

But yesterday I woke up and looked at the day ahead. We had a Baseball Game to attend at 6:10pm in SF. It had always been my plan to walk to the game and have Glenn meet me to drive me back. I was still not feeling 100% but by gosh... it was time to walk. So I took a fully charged phone with the intention of calling a cab or Glenn if I couldn't make it up the hills. My ticket in my fanny pack, plenty of water, advil and sharkies would give me what I needed to get through the day. I left from my old office on Shoreline and headed out.

The leg beneath me seemed tight and unused to the activity and it had only been 9 days since the last walk! But as I kept walking miracles happened...I had more energy, I was breathing better. I walked up the hill out of Sausalito without being even a touch winded or tired. I walked to the top of the bridge without stopping and didn't break a sweat. I walked across the bridge and felt fine. The only thing I made sure to do was stop more often, even if I didn't think I needed to and stretch. I made it to the Bay Bridge and there I saw the LONG LONG line to get in and remembered it was Timmy bobblehead night! Oh my. I stood in line and text messaged Glenn about my progress as he left Marin. He let me know an hour later he was in the Lefty O'Doul entry line and he would soon be inside. I was a ways off STILL! By the time I reach Cepeda Gate the mad yelled out "We are out of product! Go to the O'doul Gate!"

I was in line an hour and a half before Glenn, and by the tine I reached our seats he had finished a beer already.

Life will always throw a curve ball or two. How you react to it will be the difference of paddling backwards or moving forward. So I am back on track, with determination to get through to the end of the 3 day in one piece.

I had a plan to raise $16,000 to celebrate 16 years of survival from Breast Cancer. But I am sitting at $13,282. That's not bad AT ALL... but it wasn't THE PLAN. I would love another curve ball to come that puts me over the original goal. If you know of anyone who could make that, individual... send them to