Thursday, September 1, 2011

Honored to walk - Honored to represent

The other day, I was sitting at the breakfast table drinking my coffee and reading through emails, when I saw one from the Washington DC 3 day folks.

They were asking if I would be willing to represent all Cancer survivors as part of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. There is a very special part of these ceremonies when several survivors walk into the group carrying flags with characteristics that many survivors share, things like Hope and Courage, Love and Optimism. I still am completely honored to have been asked.

When you are walking the Susan G Komen 3 day, you realize how important your survival is to others walking with you. Some of these people are walking for people who did not win their battle, others in support of folks in the middle of a life and death struggle. The fact that people have and do survive gives them hope. That is, in my opinion, the most important part of my participation and something I didn't begin to understand until I first wore my "Survivor"shirt.

Don't get me wrong, I celebrate my own survival too, but the the hope I can give to others to me feels like the biggest honor I have had in my life. So being asked to participate in the Opening and Closing is humbling.

So despite my remnants of a cold, I have had new enthusiasm for my training. I want to be out there all 60 miles, wearing my 16 year survivor shirt, giving hope to others.

Patti and I headed out from near Napa to walk to Sonoma yesterday. The weather at home has been anything but warm. As we all know there have been some hot and humid days in DC over the past month, so we were determined to find warmer weather to train in. We walked through vineyards down country roads until we reached the out shirts of Sonoma. Here country houses gave way to city bungalows, until we were in the heart of Sonoma. We had a leisurely beer and lunch and looked at the clock.

My evening appointment in Mill Valley was at 6:15. Certainly everyone would appreciate it if I took a shower first! So at 2:30 we headed back toward the car. The day had grown even warmer, my cold ever present, Patti's muscles getting used to the extra miles. It was hard to make it back as quickly as I may have liked, but were were back to the car at 5pm.

Its a challenge sometimes to "do it all" - work, walk, work, walk... oh yeah and shower. But today I managed to do it. I have an important job you know.... and a huge honor to live up to.

Take a look at some of the sights on our Napa, Sonoma walk.

On a Napa road....

Country house with the coolest swings ever!

Country dogs

A great haircut!

Vineyards and hills

A decorated barn door

Patti picks a house

Maybe I could afford this one?

Back round again....

I am 2,000 from my original goal of $16,000

Not too far off 2nd place in the 3 day fund raisers.

If you would like to donate... or know someone who might, please visit