Friday, September 2, 2011

21.24 on 9.2.11

Time to get some miles in! We are exactly 3 weeks from the walk. The last week I am supposed to "go easy" so this week and next are it for the distance walks.

We woke up to sunny skies and the hopes of a warm day, ideal for training for the DC walk. In fact when I drove to Corte Madera and parked my car, I even thought is was humid, so double good.... I got on the Larkspur Ferry at 10:;05 and it left the dock at 10:15am.

The computers long gone, most of the folks on the boat seemed to be grandparents or parents with kids in tow. Arriving in SF the weather, as I should have known was cooler.

The restaurants were opening up in the Ferry Building. The tourists meandering and exploring.

The Embarcadero wasn't too busy and Fisherman's wharf had about 1/4 of the entertainers out. the bushman wasn't even out! So it was a stroll through the tourist areas, on to Aquatic park and Fort Mason.

Oracle row boats... not the America's Cup variety I think.

I kept heading toward the bridge and as it came into sight it was obvious.... it wasn't going to be a warm and humid day at all.

The pigeons and gull were huddled on a rooftop.

I stopped at the Sports Basement to buy Patti some socks and replenish my water, and stopped for lunch at the Warming hut... But the time I was there is was windy and very cold, the fog chilling the air near the bridge.

I don't like to take my time as I cross the bridge. It is too crowded and busy and it makes me nervous. Its loud and you definitely have to watch where you are going. As I was walking a group of cute blond girls (about 10) asked me to take their picture. I have to admit I really didn't want to . they had a large group and now the bikes and the walkers all share the same side of the bridge. To take their picture I gingerly leaned into the other lane and took a quick picture. One of the girls wasn't happy with it because she didn't smile. I smiled as I kept walking. A while later they passed me giggling happily looking here and there in that vacation mode the tourist bikes are in.

A few minutes later I came up on them again. One of the girls was laying on the sidewalk with the group huddled around her. I could see her trying to raise her head. A couple of men stopped and were assisting them, so I walked on. One girl walked up to get her bike which was near me. I asked if I could call anyone for them, but she said they already had. I kept walking.

The bridge is not all that safe unless you are paying attention. I have always thought it was only a matter of time for me to see someone hurt on those bikes.

When I got off the bridge in Marin the sun was peaking through, but the wind was still pretty brisk. I stopped at the club for another water refill and called Patti. I had hoped she could join me for the walk into Corte Madera from Sausalito, but she had a big water leak at her house.

I stopped in to see her as I was passing her houseboat but she didn't answer. I let myself in and called for her, but I got no answer. So I filled the water bottle again, and kept on walking.

The wind was literally howling on the Mill Valley Bike path. There were white caps on Richardson Bay, churning the waters of high tide.

The skies were beautiful but the wind was wild as it shot up the gap of Tennessee Valley.

By the time I made the crossing to Corte Madera I was exhausted and tight. Some how the sign for Horse Manure spoke to me...

I made to back to my car around 5:30. I went grocery shopping and then headed back home, where I soaked in Epsom salts. You would too if you had walked 21.24 miles!

RIGHT now in the closing weeks, I am less than $1000 from $15,000 raised to end Breast Cancer. I have never made that number before and would love to this year. You can still donate... I would love you to...