Monday, September 12, 2011

Alain Pinel Cheers on the SF 3 day walkers!

After 40 miles and 3 ferry rides, the San Francisco 3 day walkers were headed for Marin. This year like last my company ( of whom I am so proud ) put up their tent, came out early threw on a few boas and greeted them in style.

Glenn dropped Patti and I off at the beginning of the Tiburon Bike path. Had it not been for his bad back, he said he would have stayed and cheered them too.

My managers Craig and Steve were there along with John Adlam setting up the tent which is quite a project I understand. I brought signs and beads, candy and boas. Mitra Nadji, Sherri Bellumoni, Valerie Castellena, Xiao Yan Lui and Cheryl Dickason all came to welcome the walkers to Marin.

Beads...check, Boas...check, Cancy...checl...Coffee check.... Let rock and roll

Mitra is ready

Patti and her Bra hat

I promised them, when they saw the faces of the walkers it would all be worth while and it was. They turned the corner and saw us as their faces lit up. The beads went fast... The candy, as John told them, would be just the energy they would need in their day 3! A few people took boas (which really weren't supposed to be handed out... but I decided they were beginning to show a little wear after 3 years!) They all were appreciative. Even the safety patrol guys and the San Jose police.

And I think APR, was happy to be a part of it. We didn't really have a lot of time to drink all that great coffee or eat the pastries Craig had brought.

Many walkers sported American flags to remember the fallen of 911.

Some had already stopped for their morning coffee in Tiburon! Several sported bandages from having visited medical for sprains or blistered or stretched out tendons.

They were on a mission... This was the final day and at the end of it, an end to a long commitment that had taken them so much further than 60 miles.

The Hotties (Warming Hut Hotties) are a huge team of 70. They are consistently the top team for $$$ in SF. This year raising over $27,000. I would have you note, our team of 6 has made nearly that over $26,500.

Their boppy antenna are sure give aways for the hotties.

This team even had their windbreakers and hats matching.

The ferries arrived on after the other so there was steady flow of folks. I was the welcome to our cheer station person and had pom poms and ran ahead of the tent saying... "You know where you are???" (They would look at me in confusion then I would answer myself) "You're in Marin!" and they would smile.... then I would say "You know when this is?" and they would look confused again and I would say "DAY 3!" and they would cheer. Then I would point the pom poms down the path and say "Opening Day is that way!"

A few of the walkers were really decked out...the final day is like that.

LOVED these outfits... I loved them so much that somehow my camera moments later fell out of my pocket. A walker gave it back to me and I noticed the door to the battery had opened up - so I closed it.

Patti and I then headed down with the last of the walkers to tag along for our final long distance training day. I was busy snapping pictures and then I noticed, "no record" "Missing Memory card" I thought you would never get to see the APR tent.... but when I came back later that day around 6 pm, I found it...

Thank you APR for the support of Susan G Komen and me! It means so much to see people who care. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. I know about 1600 people who enjoyed seeing you!

This is only part of the story.... read on about walker stalkers who walked.