Sunday, September 18, 2011

BELIEF....Don't stop believing

It crunch time. So please excuse me if I don't write a lengthy blog post.

I just got an email from the 3 day people letting me know what flag I will be holding in the survivor circle. The options were Love , Courage, Commitment, Hope, Healing, Optimism, Patience and Belief.

I am belief. At first thought I was disappointed that I wasn't Hope or Courage.... Now I know I am holding the perfect flag.

After all ... as you know I love my Giants... "Don't stop believing."

But lately I have been filled with worry over a lot of things. The economy, my business ... for example. I forgot what has gotten me through so many tough times before... BELIEF.

You have to believe things will get better. As a cancer patient you have to BELIEVE, you will be the one who will survive. I am here today because back when I was told I had Cancer I KNEW I would be the one to survive. When a friend is diagnosed with cancer I try to give them my belief so they will believe they will be a survivor. Like the girl I met during the Sf 3 day, when I hugged her, looked in her eye and told her "You will be the one we are talking about 10 years from now, because you will survive this."

And so it is apropos that I am holding that flag, as a reminder to me how important believing is... in all of life.

Yesterday was Patti's birthday.

She bought something we would have given her... at Cheers to a Cure.... a sail on Hazardous Waste. PLUS she was the lucky winner of a HUGE bottle of Toad Hollow Chardonnay. We had a great time enjoying her birthday.

On the sail there were dolphin and seals, and blue angels, wine tasting and good friends. She even was given a Hazardous Waste thong. NOW that's a good birthday. Enjoy the pictures while I go get dressed to hold an open house that I BELIEVE we will sell soon.

Nothing more from me until after the walk! Wish me luck!!!

But I don't need it...I believe it will be a piece of cake!

Patti is my dear dear friend. We have been through some bad juju... Both Cancer survivors... but we have been through some really amazing times too. Patti is the Godmother of Allison and Katie. She is a kick in the pants to be with, as honest as any person I know, she has a heart as big as the universe. She is emotional. She cries as much as I do. She is my sorority sister, but she is so much more. I love Patti.

It was an absolute joy to go sailing yesterday... And celebrate this groovy gal I am honored to call my friend.

It was very fitting that I got to present her bottle of Chardonnay to her. Signed by the winemaker from Toad Hollow it said "Cheers to a Cure!" Chardonnay is her favorite wine. Toad Hollow is our little winery that we love for a lot of reasons... and well.... it was just right to drink it on her birthday.

John who has recovered remarkably from his brain surgery was able to come along. He even fixed our engine problem.

She invited Clara and Bob with whom she has sailed with on New Years Day.

I was glad to meet them...

And Wren and Tim who are dear friends of hers.

Glenn and John we able to sit back and relax because all of the people on board are sailors!

Tim trimming the spinnaker

Bob enjoying the helm.

Patti enjoying her birthday.

And her new thong!

And Dana had once again a chance to wear a thong on his head.

Wrne is a go getter ont he boat.

She got a turn at the helm.

Under the Bay Bridge... an advertisement being flown by. Cal was playing at ATT Park.

We pulled into treasure Isalnd to wine taste and found the Dragon Boat competition in full swing!

At the winery... drinking Vie and Sol Rouge wine.

Heading back to the boat the motley crew.

Happy Patti

Susie Cake Cupcakes. With a pink sailboat with a Breast Cancer ribbon on the spinnaker.

The immigration station at Angel Island.

Now it's off to DC. I have a few more details to button up and then its off....

Our team as of this moment is the top team per capita for fundraising.

I am number 5 making over $15,000

The BEST year yet for Team: Are We There Yet?

I know it will be magical and moving and I will have a lot of blogging to do when I return. In the mean time I may be able to post one or two photos along the way on facebook.