Monday, September 5, 2011

Necklaces and champagne

I have a new necklace!

I couldn't help myself it was so perfect... I keep telling myself.... great girl friend and ta da! Necklace.

Patti John and I joined other volunteers pouring champagne at the Sausalito Art Festival. Tough duty. One wonderful moment was meeting two couples from Manchester England. One of the couple had just gotten engaged onstage!

The day started out foggy. (What's new?)
By the time with was our shift it was sunny but cool and breezy.

John got to have Fish and Chips.

Sitting on the dock of the bay listening to Edgar Winters, who sounded the same...even if he looked a few years old.

You want some beautiful jewelry... look up Pam Fox. She really has fantastic things. I survived the night of buyer's remorse to wake up look at my necklace and say..... It's worth it. I will just have to sell another house!

Tomorrow I am headed to Colfax for some warm training walks.

More later.