Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From the skillet to the frying pan

My husband just came upstairs. I looked at him and saw that he is pretty stressed. I asked if he was ok. He said, "Yes, I just have a lot to do." He grabbed his briefcase, left the skinny newspapers unread on the kitchen table and walked out.

Too much to do. It seems as if everyone around me has too much to do, including me.

The big event is over, but I still am collected some of the money from people who bid on items. I am explaining a couple of items better that people bid on thinking they were something else. I noticed that no one understood the open enrollment policy of the Angel Island tour. I have washed table cloths and packed up supplies. I have counted the money and sent in checks. There is a lot to do after the party is over. However, there is a lot left undone while the party was in full swing.

Business was handled the week before Cheers by Myriam, which was incredibly helpful. The day after the party, Myriam headed off to celebrate her birthday in Mexico. We have a new listing, an escrow and inspections. I have another several listings as well to handle. I have been coming up to speed by jumping into the deep end. Two potential listings have had their drama.... Yes, it has been one heck of a lot of fun.

I am taking a break writing this blog, before getting the stuff together for the broker's open in a couple of hours. I should be walking. It has been awhile since I have had a decent walk. I took a short walk while Allison was here (about 4 miles), but other than that, since I was getting ready for the event, its been over a week. I am hoping to find the time on Friday and Sunday to walk some distance.

AND on top of that, I have been working on our 40th year HS reunion. (I manage the website, and the liason with the caterer and venue). Our final planning meeting is this Saturday (so no walk and no Giants) and then the reunion itself is the 20th. Meanwhile we are getting down to the wire for training for the 3 day with a month and a half to go.

I want you to know I have big plans to sneak in a walk everyday, but somehow I haven't taken a step. I even go into work with my walking clothes on and my fanny pack packed. But I will get there. I will be ready somehow. I will walk 60 miles. I dont think I am a sweeper type, but.... then again.... I have been pretty busy.

(One thing I have found enough time for is.... checking the totals in the 3 day). My personal goal of $16,000 was looking pretty far off and impossible. Almost as impossible as the 16 years I have survived cancer - so I have reset the goal to $10,000. That will still be a tough goal for this year, but I have done more than that the last two years. Help.... if you haven't donated, do!

You're not too busy are you?