Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I love about the walk....

Thanks for those of you who made the time in your busy summer to come to Cheers to the Cure.

It was a wonderful evening of spirit, (and spirits) friends and family, and new friends as well.

Each year I give a little talk, this year for me the topic was more than clear to me. Why do I do the walk? There are a lot of reasons to NOT do the walk, to NOT do this event. I don't always have the time, or the energy to walk. The weather doesn't always cooperate The economy is down, people have a hard time finding the $$ to donate. It can be overwhelming. But, as I told the people at the event, as much as I hate the walk... I hate Cancer more.

Someone pulled me aside quite concerned about me. She felt like it wasn't healthy for me to HATE so much. I told her she missed the point. I told her there was a lot I LOVE about the walk, and this event. I thought I would recap the night by letting you all know what I LOVE about the Breast Cancer 3 day, and Cheers to a Cure (aka Wine Wars).

When I was diagnosed with Cancer, I lost all my power (or at least I felt like I had).

I LOVE the 3 day because it was through the 3 day I felt powerful again.

I LOVE the 3 day because it became an affirmation of how alive I am, 16 years later.

I LOVE that my friends have joined me in this crusade.

I LOVE that we have raised over $70,000 toward finding a cure to Cancer.

I LOVE my husband in pink boas, pink ties and the sight of him handing out pink mardi gras beads.

I LOVE that my daughters stood by my side and walk with me and each other.

I LOVE that when I am walking (even in training) when people see my shirt with 16 year survivor on it - they have hope.

I LOVE when people notice that shirt they will tell me their stories

I LOVE that the event I participate in is the fulfillment of not only Nancy Brinkler's promise to her dying sister and that the promise is one we all keep to those we lost to Cancer.

I LOVE knowing what one person does, does matter.
I LOVE that I have found companies, and people who care.

I LOVE that when you ask... people will stand up and help.

I LOVE that the walk and the event somehow is more a celebration of life than a fear of death.

I LOVE I have had music fill my soul with each and every step I take.

I LOVE that others hear the music too.

I LOVE that our daughters are growing up in a world where Cancer will be GONE... because we cared enough, to do everything in our power and beyond it to make a difference.

I LOVE pink because, it makes my cheeks rosy and is the most powerful color I know.

I LOVE that all of us know we are all survivors, even if we have never personally had Cancer, because to love someone who has survived Cancer, you have survived it too.

I LOVE the walk and this event because even macho men look so good in pink shirts and pink converse tennies.

I LOVE making a difference.

I LOVE being a voice that can move others.

I LOVE the difference this walk has made in my life.

I LOVE all of you -you understand that about me and allow me to do what I have to do...

THIS Walk, THIS Event

Finding a way to end Cancer.

Enjoy the pictures.

Chef Chuck and Bro Ken

God daughter Marysha

Angel Jackie - Mike and Patty
Two cool dudes - Glenn and Rob

Look at that bench!

Rob and Beth
Cathedral School reconnects

Cathedral School reconnects
Tracy and Gene
I love these guys.... Jackie and Shawn

There when it matters. Lindy and Patty

My niece and my brother

Ken and Kelsey

Check out the Converse... Thanks Ken, sis Vicki and Kelsey

Dear friends... Sonya and Pete

Megan and Judi

It's a generational thing
Michael Feldman
Love these guys
Carole Ellison, Cathy and Glenn
Kerry and Julianne Volpe

MC Cathy

Thank you everyone.

Keep me loving it all.... donate