Thursday, July 7, 2011

Listen very carefully

Every morning we wake up and have a series of choices to make. It is just the beginning of the day.

Yesterday I made the choice to walk in Sonoma. The weather was warm, the day was my own. I got the walking gear on and hit the road, literally and made tracks up to Forestville. I was heading for the old railroad right away I had walked last year because I figured I get in a good 10-11 miler.

I had several things on my mind. My upcoming move from my much beloved waterfront office, to downtown Mill Valley. Now I realize for many people this would be a welcome change. After all Mill Valley is a happening place with great restaurants and businesses, and cool people milling about. My Shoreline office although with a great view, a lot space and peace and quiet ( which for me is good for working...) is hard to find, floods occasionally in the winter and is sleepy.

So I am trying to put the mourning for the office aside and think how fun being downtown will be.

The other thing on my mind was my favorite little girl these days. My clients daughter. They have some serious choices to be made. The Doctors cannot agree about what kind of tumor they removed. On one hand it could be great news, the kind of tumor where removal is all that needs to be done (besides check ups) . But it is equally as likely that this is the kind of Cancer that has to be hit will all guns blazing. When it comes to a 2 year old, that is a pretty impossible kind of decision. I wrote in their blog...that they needed to pay attention to their gut level feelings. I understand when making a decision about your child that is even more difficult, so I suggested they listen very carefully for the angel on their shoulder, look in her eyes, and they will know.

And so , my office move was a distant second to the thoughts about this girl. I felt, as I began to feel tired, this walking I am doing is important. It is getting us closer to a day without Cancer. Each step, one step closer.

Enjoy my walk, from Forestville to Sebastopol and back... 11 miles closer.