Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth in Lafayette

Those were the days.

A passel of kids, a pile of dogs, music blaring and sun glaring... The fourth of July with birthdays and BBQs and hand crafted margaritas. The numbers ebbed and flowed as people came and went. They were good days. And so is today, only it is just a little different.

Glenn and I joined Dana and Misako in Lafayette for a very low key fourth. It was good to just relax. To spend a day without the cell phone. To drink wine and talk - throwing the ball around for our two corgis help relax my shoulders as the sun toasted them. It felt good to stand in the pool and sit on floaties and just be...

Even though this wonderful place is so close to Lafayette and Walnut Creek... it is a million miles away. From the house you cannot see another house, just Mt. Diablo standing majestically in the distance.

These great long time friends and we share so many memories, and commonalities. We understand each other. They have always been there for us. We hope we can do the same for them whenever they may need us. Dana walking in the 3 day last year, being head cheerleader the year before. I am lobbying for a repeat of Cheering, in DC.

Glenn and Dana went to the same grammar school, high school and law school. We both had two children almost the same age. We own a boat with them. They are special to us.

Dogs are always welcome... and its Tucker and Sophie's turn along with Hemee

And as day stretched into night, the conversation continued until it was time to go.

There is very little in life more important than fine friends and Dana and Misako are two of the best.