Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where is the sun?

Sometimes it just seems as if things pile up in a big huge heap of too TOO much to handle. Between recent Cancer diagnosises of friends, a looming daunting course of Chemotherapy for one of the sweetest 2 years old in the world, the death of my good friend Patti's Mother Virginia, moving to downtown when I loved my office by the water, slow Real Estate in my niche of the market and all this preparation for Cheers to the Cure (with fewer tickets bought than I'd like and training for the 3 day itself... It has felt like this morning did, wet and soggy and hard to get through.

I left my house in a very light mist which grew steadily heavier as I got near to Cavallo point. I elected to stop in and order some breakfast in hopes it would pass. I sat near the fireplace in my soggy clothes drank my Latte and ate some toast and jam. When I stepped out again, the mist didn't lessen until I was finally on the bridge. And then with each step it seemed the mist lifted and the skies began to brighten. By the time I grabbed the ferry to Larkspur, it was sunny not only there but up at my very coastal climate house. I asked Glenn to pick me up at the Ferry Terminal but he was a little late. I thought I would meet him and buy him a beer. But in the end, I had a beer by myself, he came and took me home, and he went back to work.

I wonder sometimes how we all will be able to maneuver this stressed out mess we find ourselves in if we cannot just take time to enjoy an afternoon.

The walk itself was a good one 14 miles and so that makes this week a success in the training department. This Sunday morning I am hoping to meet Patti and go on a short morning walk. The skies may still be foggy but they will be clearing. It always clears at some point, but I do believe it clears up sooner when we are walking together.

Enjoy the pictures.

Misty Morning

It will clear up just believe

Girl and her dog on East road, wished me luck in the 3 day.

Wet glasses and soggy Cathy

Geese at Cavallo love this weather

The bridge....


Vortex in the water below

Looking below

Back at the bridge

Seagulls at Crissy



Mud at Crissy

The simple things

Beach at Crissy and boats racing

Boat and surfers racing

New Compression sleeves

TALL mast

Looking over to Hyde Pier

Crowded Fisherman's Wharf


Crowds at Pier 39

Sweaty Cathy on Ferry back

My beer.

We are now 12 days from Cheers to a Cure. How about you buy your ticket. I promise this will be an evening you will not forget!