Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Living in a teapot


My client's little girl is named Olivia. She is 2 years old. She just started to be potty trained. She was very proud of this new skill. She has two older brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and two remarkable parents who love her. Not to mention an older Realtor who loves her too.

Her Mother is breast Cancer survivor, who was diagnosed 6 months after Olivia's birth. Her grandmother is a Cancer survivor (going on 10 years). She is the youngest Cancer survivor I know - 2 years old. She had a tumor removed from her brain a few weeks back. She begins Chemotherapy today to save her life from a Cancer that doctors have not seen before. She may be given such high does of chemotherapy that they will have to use stem cells to "rescue" her. The journey through the hell of treatment has begun. The water boils within the teapot.

My friend was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago. She underwent surgery and radiation. She had begun to live her life. Her husband had a seizure and they found a brain tumor. They removed the tumor and began giving him drugs to work through the surgery and move on with life. His tumor was not malignant, and he returned home to recuperate. Her Mother died this week. The water boils within the teapot.

The Real Estate market is challenging. The sales don't happen as often. The listings all seem to come with stories of loss, financial difficulties, divorce, leaving an area someone loves. People who have lost their jobs, are in danger of losing their homes. People will vent. They will let off steam at those who they feel are capable of handling the heat. I get my share of burns. But in my teapot, the water boils with no escape.

An optimist will find the positive in almost any circumstance. The optimist will think, at least with this boiling water, I can make a wonderful cup of tea. But while the water boils, until there is a route of escape, it just boils creating more and more pressure.

I consider myself an optimist, I do. I know what it felt like to take my Cancer and turn it into something positive. I found the escape through walking in the 3 day walk and raising funds to end Cancer. Now I have to remind myself, this pressure that is building right now is there to create a change, initiate action. It is ok and right for you, as it is for me, to find the escape. To let the steam release into the world changing the air it moves through.

At Cheers to the Cure, I have an escape for my anger over the unfairness of a 2 year old starting Chemotherapy. And you do too. The money we raise will make a difference. The money we raise will help find an answer to Cancer. The perhaps one day there will be a day when no other family has to endure what my clients are today. There is an item I donated to the auction a quilt I made I named "Hope Blooms." It was created by stitching together pieces of material, binding them so they are stronger together than they would be on their own, turning it into a thing of strength and beauty. This quilt I will auction off to be given to a Cancer Survivor (I am hoping we can get a number of people to donate together to make the most impact) . I hope that what we do at Cheers to a Cure will be like that quilt...stronger together.... making a difference....

ANYONE purchasing their admission before 7/29 will get discounted admission.