Saturday, September 22, 2012

A BUFFER than needs Bufferin

I haven't written much since the SF 3 day. There are a few reasons. Instead of being silent on the matter let me fill you in. One is I have a killer cold. I mean the kind of cold that knocks you down and stomps on your head kind of cold. It is a cold meant to be shared. Yup my daughter (or my teammate Patty) were kind enough to share this with me, and I in return have shared it with Glenn. But in my humble opinion Glenn and Allison both have/are weathering this a bit better. Why? Well, I walked 60 miles and I have been juggling quite a bit.

There's my Dad who was in ICU for 30 days, released, and then sent back to the hospital then transferred to a nursing home an hour an a half away from his home. This is that kind of helpless situation for me that has me spending lots of time on the Internet researching and hoping to find magic answers if not for his health at least for his care. He is married to a woman who has taken very good care of him, but who works 6 days a week.  There are no answers anytime soon that aren't exhaustively expensive.

Secondly as always I have my mind on our children who are flung in opposite sides of the country. Once again the distance makes things difficult. How can you be there, without being there.

But perhaps the biggest reason this cold hit me so hard was the hangover that hits after a 3 day. That empty feeling of what's next. You would think that since I am walking in the 3 day in San Diego I would be energized and ready to move on. But I think my body and mind has been stuck in those magic 3 days walking the Bay Area with my dear team mates. The tears and laughter, the missed sleep and the sunrises. All those emotions added to a physical toll made me the prime candidate for a virus. No matter how much "Wellness formula" I swallowed, it hit.

I have used the time at home "laid up" to live on the 3 day boards, publish my speech, finish my recap, read other peoples blogs. I want to continue to feel that feeling we call the 3 day, and hope at some moment, perhaps at the very same moment as the last of the cold leaves my head, I will be ready to attack the San Diego 3 day, work and life.

There was a thread on Facebook about whether or not you are addicted to the 3 day. I would say that is an easy question to answer. ABSOLUTELY I am addicted. I am addicted to being a part of an army of pink whose mission is to end Breast Cancer and are willing, with blisters, with tweaked IL bands, with tears of mourning melting with the smiles of empowerment hit the streets and walk the talk. How can I not be. What the 3 day has given me is stronger than any drug - Empowerment, Love, Strength, Self belief, Belief in a Cure .... Those are pretty amazing and intoxicating things.

I don't need a cure for the 3 day, I need a cure for Cancer and my cold.

Sunday may be the cure for the latter since I am going to be doing a training walk with Patti, starting in earnest our training for San Diego. I am ready for that....