Monday, September 24, 2012

On the road to SD with a stop at ATT

Down for the past 2 and a half weeks with one of the worse viruses I have had in recent memory, I was beginning to doubt I would ever get back to the road. I started to be concerned I would get totally out of shape and set my training back a year for the San Diego walk.

All my plans have been thrown on their ears lately. It started with our favorite band offering to throw us a party to celebrate the finish of the San Francisco walk. How do you say no?! It wasn't easy not to when I knew I would have to give away my Giants tickets when it seemed very likely that particular game might be a BIG one, as in Western Division big. But I still wasn't feeling 100% and so the idea of giving those seats to a middle school boy and his father seemed just right. The sting was made better when I was asked by dear friends Jackie and Shawn whether or not I wanted to go to the Giants game on the following day. One of those games was going to be THE game where we clinch the Western Division. That night while listening to Go Kat Go I secretly wished for a downpour out of clear skies so the evening game would be postponed. BUT TJ and his father Rob were blessed with not only a great game, but the win that cinched it all.

When I accepted the invitation to go to the game the next day I thought in doing so I would be making my scheduled walk with Patti impossible. But she was disappointed since she had hoped to get in some real miles . So we decided to get a very early start so I could walk to ATT in time to meet the Gormans by 12:45.

We met at the Sausalito Yacht Club at 7:30 and started walking.
The minute I got into my walking clothes I knew I would be ok. Each step that I took I felt stronger and stronger and felt as if I was walking further and further away from that virus. It was frankly exhilarating and very reassuring.

Patti is a 4 year survivor and if you listened to my speech she is that "best friend" whose Cancer was a wake up call for me. Walking in the SF 3 day without her was not the same. It was great and meaningful but it was different. Patti and I have always been friends, but this walk has definitely caused us to be even closer than we were in the past and I cherish that.

When we got to Pier 39 we came across one of those pink firetrucks that have been traveling the country. We stopped to add our names to the hundred if not thousands of survivors who have signed the shiny engine. And we posed for a photograph.

I need to visit their website and you should too to learn about what these guys are doing for Breast Cancer awareness.

When we got to the Ferry building Patti was just in time to make the noon ferry back to Sausalito. I snuck into the bathroom and switched my tee shirt to a Giants shirt.

I knew already the game would be a relaxed one. Surely the Giants had been partying all night. When you saw the line-up you saw a number of names I had never seen before with .000 batting averages. A pitcher who had never pitched for the Giants. We saw Peguro first major league hit (he had one later as well). The entire game was like a split roster Spring training game.

But by the time we hit the ninth inning Bouchy brought in the 1st string player. They loaded the bases with 1 out, Buster Posey came to bat. The unlikely seemed likely we might just have that walk off homer that would allow us to win the game despite the 3 run deficit. But alas, a fielder choice hit scored one but made it 2 outs. Theriot came to bat (and he had played the entire evening a little "foggy"). He hit a soft fly ball and that was that.

I left the game and walked back to the ferry building making the walk for the day about 15 miles. Not bad for a girl who a couple of days ago found it hard to get out of bed!
That left me convinced I would be able to do the San Diego walk with no question. I would be able to visit Allison and Chris and walker stalk in DC in a few weeks.

You know the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. While I was walking to ATT for a Giants game, Chris and Allison were celebrating their 5th anniversary in Philly watching Phillie and Atlanta play. They got seats WAY UP THERE! For a baseball fan.... being there is half the fun. Remind me of that when I try and buy playoff tickets!

Want to do something good today? Read this article about the research funded by Susan G Komen. Realize although many advances have been made there is much that remains to be done. the LAST thing we can do is to ease up. NOW is the time to increase funding this research and others so we can wake up to a day with out Breast Cancer. I humbly suggest you donate to my walk. Because 75% of the money raised WILL go (as it has in the past) to finding the CURES.