Monday, September 10, 2012

The SF 2012 3 day - Day 1

In the hopes I can do justice to an emotionally powerful 3 day, I thought I would start by uploading some photos for each day. I will give you a few thoughts, but save my recap for the details. This was a walk that included people from different parts of my life - High school, A past client and now dear friend, my daughter and the mother of one of my daughter's best friend who has come to be a dear friend over the years. Each person has their own reasons to walk in the 3 day. NEVER was there a more important year to walk. NEVER was there a more beautiful walk as a reward. Take a look at DAY 1 which started at the Town Center in Corte Madera (time to arrive....5:45am)
 We wrote our goals on this HUGE poster.

 Melissa helped with credential check in.....
 There were 8 survivors in the circle - The right side of the stage decided, at rehearsal, we should carry flags that were the REAL things we were feeling while going through Cancer, BITTERNESS, SKEPTICISM. LOPSIDED and STRESSED/WORRIED. Leslie brought hankies to the opening ceremonies with those written on them.
 Press ready to broadcast.
 BofA Smart Card sign up.
 The Pelicans of Marin
Opening ceremonies
 Names of those we lost to Breast Cancer

 Leaving for Day 1 - Sheri leads the way.
 Dana ready to go to court....
 Scanning out.
 Patty and Mike - Route Card
 Allison and me
 The team and Tam
 Leslie and me
 Larkspur/Corte Madera railway right of way 
 Tutu for shoes...
 Walker Stalkers deliver coffee.
 Pit one - Porta potties at Piper Park
 Allison and me
 At Sycamore and Camino Alto
me, Patty and Claire
 Olivia, Jack, Joe, Patty and Leslie and Claire fascinated by Maymo
 The Alain Pinel Tent
APR Family
Jean Spaulding
Boa Boy Glenn
 Happy walkers
 Goli and me
Its good to be supported in Marin
 Safeway's Cheer station
 Judi, Dana, Cathy, Allison and Chris
 Flag repairman Chris
Sweep Van
 Leslie and Claire

 Leslie's hero
 Olivia with the flag at Dunphy Park
 The Purchase kids
 Street musicians and Judi
 Me and Leslie
 Beads and Boats
 Stalker XTerra
 Pam and Team
 Maymo and Pam's sign
 Alexander Blvd
 Fort Baker lunch
 Judi lunch
 Ready to ascend
 Up to the bridge
 Top of the hill - Hookers for Hooters...
 Judi, Leslie and Patty
 SF bridge side....
Maymo at Crissy.

 Crossing Crissy
Boats in the Bay (Big Boat Series)
 Marina Green
 Team with Pam's sign

Jack, Rob and Joe with Mike
 The Purchase boys
 Marina Green
 Fisherman's Wharf
 Are We There Yet?
 Icy Beer stop
 me and Allison
 Judi and me
The pink sign lets people know... Red and White makes PINK!

 Load her up!
 Let's go!
 On board
 Team coming in
Treasure Island 
 At Treasure Island
 Walking to camp
 Memory tents
 Camp with City in background

 Shower unit
 Route bike
 Team coming to camp
 Scanning in
Allison and me
 Camp tent decorated
 Setting up the tent
 Boy scouts help out
 Patty's tent
 Silver Oak at camp
Bedtime with our pig.

Tomorrow is another day...