Monday, September 10, 2012

DAY 2 - SF 2012 3 day BERKELEY and Emeryville

I have a confession. I now love Berkeley. I never thought it would happen. But the energy and the spirit of the people who came to support us was warming and to me unexpected. (You see, I have always been a little..... uncertain about the East Bay). Not only were the people warm and welcoming, but the views, the homes, the route, the walkers, the crew, the WEATHER and every detail combined to make this a wonderful day.

Here are the photos, and the video link to my speech (which I practiced as walking this route. If you thought I was just a crazy lady talking to herself, this is my excuse. I may be crazy... but the talking bit, I had an excuse.)


 On the road Day 2
 Pink People
 Decidedly Berkeley
 Leslie and Safety
COFFEE delivery


Extra Latte means a new friend!
 Maymo and team
 They are soooo cute Leslie and Rob
Right around now I started to LOVE Berkeley - this is a 2 year survivor.
Its fun to cross streets with the 3 day!

On Indian Rock
 Views from Indian Rock
 You gotta love those signs.
 Claire and Leslie
 LUNCH entry

The medical crew are awesome!

 Love this gal.
 And this guy

 You're walking for my Grandma

 UC Berkeley

 Little ones with watermelon

 Game day in Berkeley and still we had a great turn out for cheering.
 Claremont Hotel

 Seeing the BEST walker stalkers ever!

 Dana made friends

 They surprised us with frostys


 This woman is a 42 year survivor. I met her step daughters while walking. When Leslie saw her she said, I hope my daughter can carry that sign one day.
 Lulu had signs and treats - OH and Peet's had iced coffee and tea! I KNEW I liked Peet's best!

 Pit Crew

 Pam with sign #2!
 Chris gave our survivor some pearls (her name means pearl!)

 Pam has been a great support for Patty - as has Claire!
 Crossed the freeway heading back to the bus.

 You know Glenn's car from the Boa on the dash.
 Final stretch to the bus
 Allison and Chris
So, this was the view one direction at TI. We really couldn't capture the view of the city but it was stunning. I got ready, showered in a truck, ate dinner and then presented my speech. It was what I wanted to say.

NEXT Day 3.....