Thursday, October 18, 2012

A bun in the oven

So now the REST of the story.

On the first day of the 3 day in SF we were in our comfy beds sleeping those lst few minutes before getting up to get ready to head to opening ceremonies. I had told Allison she needed to start the oven early so we could cook bacon for our traditional "bacon sandwiches". Early equals 4:30 am

As I was just starting to get up Allison rushes into the room, dressed in her walking gear, and declares "I can't put the bacon in the oven there is something really weird inside. Moooommmmmmm you have to come." So I trudged my sleepy self up to the kitchen and looked in the oven only to see a...

With a picture of something that looked like this inside....

(representative picture not the actual picture)

So of course I screamed to which Allison quickly said "Don't get so excited. It's really early and the Dr. said at this point it is 50/50." So I quieted down.

"She says I can't do anything strenuous right now. I told her walking isn't strenuous."

I told her we would consult with our team doctors when they arrived. When Leslie and Rob arrived. they adamantly insisted she forgo the walk, but we all agreed she could start and end the walk. Allison let us know NO ONE was to know. Of course as I was standing behind the stage getting ready to go on for the opening ceremonies I told my fellow survivors and told them not to post on facebook or announce it anywhere where there was anyone who knew my daughter.

So for most of the walk Allison rode with her husband Chris and her Dad and Claire. But at camp at the end of Day 1 and Day 2 she stayed with me in the little pink tent. I probably should have insisted she sleep in the comfort of a bed, but she was a trooper sleeping on a little mat in a little pink tent. The result of all of this was the survivor speech took on extra special meaning for me. 17 years survival meant I would be having an opportunity of being a grandmother. 17 years survival meant I could sleep in a little pink tent with my pregnant daughter and share yet another poignant moment in our lives. Walking 60 miles and raising money means I am helping to create a world without Breast Cancer for MY grandchildren.

The following month I held my tongue. I fought the urge to announce the good news everywhere.
This past weekend I had hoped there was a way I could go to her next appointment and hear and see for myself how things were progressing. But that was NOT meant to be. Her appointment with her Dr. could not be rescheduled and so it would happen the day after I left.

Chris called me on the way home to let me know everything was going great, Mom and baby are doing fine. That was my signal to start shouting.

The walk in DC was wonderful, but memorable will also be the time I spent with Allison and Chris. I got to maternity shop with my daughter. Who would have thought 17 years ago as I looked ahead to an unknown future I would be able to do that?

I am completely and totally blessed.

Now it is 6 months more of looking ahead . I am thrilled about just about everything except, I am so far away. Most likely I will be even further away when Allison is stationed abroad. But I am alive, I am here, I can jump a plane. I will be able to make a quilt for my own grandbaby, stitch a Christmas stocking and look at my husband and say.... How are you Grandpa?

DONATE: I am only $550 from $3000 for the San Diego walk.
AND I REALLY REALLY want to do that.

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