Monday, October 15, 2012

Pre-DC walk - Training

I came to DC to cheer, to see my daughter, son in law and grand dog. When I go there on Wednesday night I was met at the dog by my Grand dog Dexter. he was reasdy to come cheer with us, decked out in his pink.

 I came on a week that the training for the SD walk called for an 18 mile walk. Well..... that's easy.  Allison was working so I asked her on her way to work to drop me at a starting point so I could meet her in DC after her work was out(around 3pm).

There are many trails in the US that have been created out of old railroad right aways. This includes a LONG trail in the DC area called the W & OD. I jumped on the trail at Falls Church and headed toward DC. Don't ask me which direction that is, I think it is west, but without hills I have no sense of direction here.

The morning was crisp but not too cold. The skies were blue. I felt light on my feet and excited to explore the road ahead. Walk a long with me and think what lucky gal I am!

 On the trail

 Catching buses to school
 Gardens along the trail
 Through Park
 Making a turn onto Curtiss Trail

 GAME 5 of the Playoffs was coming up soon. How could I keep my phone charged to track my mileage and still have it available for the game broadcast?....., STARBUCKS stops!
 Leaving Virgina
 Crossing the Key Bridge
 To Georgetown

 Through Foggy Bottom
 Mexican Embassy
Mexico representing the PINK for October

 White House
 West Wing
 White House
 Treasury Department next door - THAT'S convenient
 Dupont Circle

 LUNCH with icy tea.
 Back toward White house

 Onto the Mall


 The rest of the walk was a celebration of my GIANTS! I met up with Allison at the Smithsonian on the way back up the MALL. We headed back to Falls Church to rest up for DAY 1 of the 3 day, and to watch the National's Game. And by gosh, magic strikes twice - They won their game four which meant tomorrow would also be the 3 of us attending their game 5 of the playoffs. BUSY BUSY people.