Monday, October 15, 2012

The other side of the street - Day 2

Dexter is an amazing dog. Without question he is as sweet and as intelligent as they come. He loves his people and knows he is lucky. You see he is a rescue doggie who was saved from Lamar Colorado, after a couple of failed placements, he found his forever home with Allison and Chris. What he didn't know, he would become many people's favorite dog.

He has been around. While living in Colorado he became a Rockie's fan. He asked his people to bring him to the ball park and they did. What he didn't know was they would dye him purple. He found out he liked it a lot. Everyone wanted to take his picture. Everyone smiled. So when we were getting ready to cheer on the 3 day walkers, having been 3 day walkers before, we asked Dexter what he thought... and he said DYE ME PINK! And that is just what they did.

Once again we joined Team Stewie's Cheer Station  this time at the Saks Parking lot in Chevy Chase Maryland and we brought Dexter the pink dog. Here we found some familiar faces, and some new ones. Some who have been facebook friends for awhile. Some I have never met. All were delightful. And there were a couple of dogs who joined the fun besides Dexter. Murphy for one, a boxer with a lovely tutu pom pom on his collar and another dog ( a yellow lab) I am told who set up camp a bit down the road.

I am assuming this is not Sue Baldwin's normal attire!

Finally I got to meet the Jersey girl herself... Kristina!
And Dexter got to meet folks too.
We handed out beads and had petting sessions galore.

The 60 mile men (of calendar fame) came to cheer too. That's Carl Benson Mr. October in his cape and Shawn Mr. January along side his wife Vivan.

Shawn and Carl with Santa Steve
Dexter and his people,

Some people showed concern about the dye. We reassured them it was an approved dye, biodegradable and by the way made his soft coat even softer!
Super Mom and son

The only person Dexter did not like was Santa Steve. Could have been the beard????

Team: Are we there yet represents. No Dexter is not getting too friendly with my leg.

The night before the walk a pretty bad thing happened. The Tutu brothers are dearly loved by the 3 day community. They lost their Mother to Breast Cancer and then their Dad shortly afterward. They always ride bikes in the safety crew. While they slept someone stole their bikes off the top of their SUV. They made the local news and so did the fine company who stepped up to lend them bikes to use in the 3 day. If you live in the DC area please consider visiting and patronizing the District Hardware and Bike Store.
It all came about because a ton of 3 day people got busy to solve the problem. I love the 3 day community. And they love these boys.
THUMBs up all around!
Dexter makes friends easy
We stalked the walkers for a bit before heading over to RFK stadium where the camp was located.
There we handed out our precious few remaining beads to some of the later people to arrive.
I told them the pink dog is designed to keep feet from hurting
Silver star beads are too.

But those Tri Deltas agree there is nothing like a pink dog to make you smile.

Take a good look at the first level - those are pink tents there. I think they decided after the rain and mud from 2011 a dry location.
That night after walking 40 miles there is much celebration. As hard as it is to believe, there is a dance party! Of course beforehand there are a couple of truly special moments like Debbie Shaffer's survivor speech and the youth corp letting the group know what they volunteered to help. The youth corp are  kids 10-16 who help out throughout the walk and at camp. Many have lost  parents or grandparents to this disease. It doesn't take but a minute to have teary eyes and a big huge wave of pride for these kids.

We didn't go into the camp, but headed back home. Time to get ready for day 3!

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