Monday, October 15, 2012

The 3 Day in DC-From the other side of the street - DAY 1

Like I said in my Survivor speech this year,  I bleed pink.

Last year I was given the high honor of being in the survivor circle in DC. It was a moment that touched me to my core. I knew since my daughter who lives in DC would be walking with me earlier in the year in SF I couldn't count on her walking with me in DC again this year, so I made plans to walk SF and SD and walker stalk DC. That way I could still be a part of this great event AND spend time with my daughter.

Allison works (duh) so Friday she wasn't able to get the entire day off. She said she could join her pink-a-fied husband Chris and I around 12:30. I had signed up to help man the Stewie Team's Cheer Station at Freedom Plaza at what would be the 3 dayer's mile 15.5.

Sandi Chris and I were there early and set up. I was able to add our team name to the sidewalk.

Bridget Rice Rose came along too and set up signs with the skill of a multi time cheerer.

By the time the walkers arrived we were ready. OK there were a couple of really speedy speed demons who cruised through WAY ahead of the rest. I am telling you I have walked fast before in a 3 day and I have finished late in a 3 day. It is always my goal to be in the middle of the pack. If you arrive too early people may not be there to cheer and pitstops may not be ready for you either. You miss conversations that help you remember the reason for the walk. You SEE the walk better. Fast is good if you are being timed, but in my humble opinion you miss way too much in a 3 day walk to speed ahead.

Slow is hard too, unless there is no choice. A couple of things might happen. You could get to a cheer station and find 90% or more of the people have left. OR a sweep might round you up and fast forward you to lunch or camp. Once again you miss a lot. You do get the experience of traveling with the awesome crew who drive the sweep vans... but..... you know.
Kristina Stewie Wesselink is the head honcho of Team Stewie. She was unable to make Friday's station because she too had to work. but her sign made it and walkers did take pictures with it along the route.

Sandi is a great photographer.... She is awful sweet too!

My husband has taught our son in law that wearing a pink boa makes you every walkers best friend. Ok a few pink beads don't hurt either!

The walkers kept coming.... We kept cheering.
Kiley's Mom and her son James helped cheer.

Bill dyed his beard pink!

Those are some serious Ta-tas

Santa Steve and me

Tri Delts and me.... They are from UVA and me I was from UOP
They had another sister from Georgetown

Allison came and finished the cheering with us before we rolled into the car to head back to Virginia. Since the National won the last game they could play in the 5th game of the playoffs. Everyone knows I am a Giant's fan, so with my newer Giant's jersey that says WALKING 60 on the back, I put on an extra pink layer, said goodbye to the dog and headed off to the game with Allison and Chris. I had bought a seat in the adjacent section to theirs.
I even got to pose with Abe.
Here are some observations about the Nationals and their stadium.
#1 It seems much bigger than ours but the attendance wound up to be about the same for a sell out.
#2 There is a lot of NEW gear on the fans. That makes sense since they have only been around as Nationals since 2008.
#3 They sell beer in the stands, continually. Mostly LITE beer - although there was one pass with imports.
#4 The stadium although everyone was cheering as loudly as they could was quieter than ATT
#5 They like to stand up. They stand up even when it doesn't count.
#6 They are good sports. They lost this game and it was really really sad to see. The pitcher pitched 8 balls trying to close out a 2 out 2 strike 9th only to have one hit for 2 runs. ALMOST everyone was gracious about it (albeit a little shocked) I know they are building a great franchise. They will be back.

It was a pretty quiet ride back home - to go to bed - to get ready for Maryland and the 3 day tomorrow.