Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day TWO in and around Mission Bay

The morning came with the sounds of people emerging from their little pink tents, full of promise and aches and pains. Patti had her share and headed first to the medical tent to get as prepared as possible for the next 20 miles. As a sign of things to come, there was a beautiful rainbow that landed smack dab in the middle of the medical tent.
While waiting for Patti I met a 78 year old woman who was walking in the walk. There is nothing like a spunky older woman to keep it real. If she can do God I can do it. Who cares about this cold! That's why they invented Dayquil!
A poignant reminder about why we are walking was the rising sun behind the remembrance tents. Here people who have been lost to Breast Cancer are remembered. Past walkers, who despite all their passion had come too soon for a cure to be found for them.

 Curtiss and Alicia are learning the skills of Walker Stalking well. They had their orders for 5 Starbucks drinks (an extra for a walker who least expected it.)
She was happy! It's something Glenn discovered in DC last year. That unexpected gift of a Starbucks coffee is pretty special!
The SD cops were out early and one walker snagged an illegal ride on this 3 day walk, wings and all.
Sea World was out and posed for photos with the walkers including us.

Oh and when I say the 3 day is on steroids in San Diego I might as well say tequila, and rum, and baileys and beer .... This was an incredible walk with the liquid courage provided on the way.

We were guessing around 20 drink stations on day 2. But whose to say. I hear we missed out on the jello shots on day 1 at the Boob Bar. Oh well.....

The Barbies were out again on day 2.
 And the cops.... Getting pinker. There were over 50 cops who donated their time this weekend. That is really special. I can only hope the SJ cops return. They were so so missed in SF.
 Red hot and ready to walk!
 Check out those melons!
 Ah... got to love a little girl in a tutu!
 These folks seemed like dancers to me.... They did know how to strike a pose.
 Support was everywhere on every corner it seemed.
 Maybe "support" isn't the right word for this beauty!
 We wound our way through the neighborhoods of Mission Bay.
 There was ice sitting on the ground in the pit stop which was perfect for Patti and Carols sore feet.
Two survivors....
 An appropriately named street.
 Cute kids everywhere. I think it is such a wonderful thing to do as a family to come out and see people who are putting it on the line for something as important as this.
 Another drink stop....
 Perfectly decorated.
 Team crossing!
 Companies handed out great stuff. Cinch bags from Geico and Scripps and sunscreen and hand sanitizers from Sharpe Hospital. This city knows how to treat walkers.
Alicia and Curtiss had found a great place to sit and watch the walkers. It didn't hurt for them to have Mimosas and Sangria waiting for us.

 The Bryant Family
 So imagine this. Glenn is standing next to Patti and a pretty girl comes up and says.... "You are too white" then she pulls out a spray can and does this to Glenn's mustache.
 I kept imagining him back in Marin with that.... (It did wash off!) There were a lot of gentlemen sporting pink facial hair at this walk!
 The team....
 This lady was sitting on a corner with some other people. She held a sign saying something about survivors. I asked if she was a survivor and she said no, her grand daughter was (Lymphoma). I told her and her daughter and grand daughter I was a 17 year survivor. The grandmother said, "My grand daughter wants you to have this" and handed me a little gift bag that said "we're in this together."

This team's name is Wine Rack, the tag line says "Cancer you can kiss my Glass".

 Little ones...
A very pink day.

 Lunch stop.
 Is she having Biofreeze for lunch?
 As we walked on a group had Gerber Daises for everyone. that was a lot of Gerber Daises and they were beautiful. They were almost as beautiful as the people who handed them out.

 Carol put hers into her hair.
 Now we never had any cheer stations like this in SF or DC! Shots of tequila with a woman who gave directions on how to do it!
Not that we needed lessons. I remember college!

 Smiles, candy and cheers.

 Vodka Gummy Bears... Have you ever heard of such a thing???? Well this guy was out for two days and they were potent! I think he said he soaked them for a month or something.
 Did this dog have too many gummys?
 Some of the walkers began to "drag" a bit. For all the talk about the challenge of SF for the hills, SD was as challenging. There were good hills every day. Had it not been for that liquid courage......
 People sat out on their patios as we walked by having their own parties.
 Some had us join in like this lady with Malibu Rum.
 Watermelon jello shots.

 Barbies at the beach
LOVE those route markers!

 This little girl did cartwheels for about 1 mile down the beach as we walked along. She was incredible and was there all three days!
 Home stretch

 One final shot.....
 Drawing a big crowd!
SD Cops!
 Two darling boys
 Cheering us into camp
But not before icy beer. 

 My boa boy with his pink mustache.
Once back in camp we snagged the massage chairs that were sponsored by BofA.

 Then went to camp show. The speaker was a young mother who was a Doctor who researched stomach Cancer. Her message was a personal one. We have come a long way due to research, but there is so far we need to go. OUR walk helps pay for the research that is saving lives. OUR walk will be part of the reason our children will not have to fear Breast Cancer. It isn't time to stop now. It's time to finish what we started.

Then the Youth Corp each told their reasons why they were volunteering at the 3 day. Some had Grandmother's they had lost. Some had mother's who were survivors. All had passion and each made me cry with joy and sadness.

Then the grand finale.... The DANCE party. Yes these walkers after walking 40 miles get up and dance. Trust me.... it actually helps those sore muscles!
Then back to the tent for one more night. The morning will be early enough - we will have to pack up and go by 7. Good thing our stalkers are coming to help. As a light mist began to fall, I thought how blessed I was to be here, with my great friends, making a difference. Two Nyquils later, I was off to sleep with a smile.