Monday, November 5, 2012

Standing on the edge

Waiting. Wondering. Agonizing.

Today I am doing just that about an offer my clients are going to make on a fantastic property in Tiburon. They are first time buyers, they havne't been here before. I know how nerve wracking it can be to stand on the edge of a huge life change and take a step off the cliff.

Deciding to have children. Well that is one of those life choices that may carry with it some nervousness about how your life will change. Is it the right time? (there never is the perfect time). But somehow when you find yourself with that baby in your arms you realize it was YOUR perfect time.

Buying your first home. If you were like me you may have been a little naive about it all. I actually bought 2 first homes, a rental and a home for me. That was one more home than I could afford! But I still ended up realizing that buying those houses were exactly the right thing to do. I walked away with a whopping $50,000 profit at the end of the day!

Leaving a job. Well, in my case it was changing companies. I remember flipping coins, counting flower petals and polling my friends. In the end my husband reminded me I was asking these questions about this decisions because I had already made it, it was just time to admit it.

Buying a car. How often do you agonize over the type, the price, the color. I believe the studies show that the vast majority of people who buy a car when asked 6 months later if they like their car, that ambiguous state they had purchased the car in has disappeared because they LOVE this car more than any other.

Cancer. As a nearly 60 year old woman, I have been there many times. It a leap into the unknown. Some of these moments we don't choose, like Cancer. There really was never a decision for me about whether or not to have a mastectomy or assault my body with Chemotherapy. Although some people when faced with these options agonize about what they will do, I didn't . It was in my mind what I HAD to do.

Walking in the 3 day. I had listened to ad after ad for years about the 3 day. I had avoided even thinking I was capable of doing anything like that. In 2009 all my avoidance was shattered when a friend was diagnosed with the same killer that had tried to get in 14 years before. I cannot tell you what a feeling of relief I experienced when I took my first steps and what a sense of accomplishment I felt when I crossed that finish line on the Marina Green in SF.

There is something so amazing to be liberated from your own fear. There is something so empowering by taking the first steps. You focus immediately changes from looking down at the ground or behind you, to the horizon. And on the horizon everything is possible and you realize if you keep walking, you will get there.

My partner Myriam says I have "Years and year and years of experience." I always ask her to cool it on the years, but you know what she is right. I have come to KNOW the difference between dreaming and making dreams come true and that my friends is pretty darn awesome.

So dear first time buyers of mine. I know what you are feeling. But I also know what could happen if you take that scary first step. I can't do it for you. If I could I would. If you decide not to "go for it" I understand. Eventually there will be "your house" somewhere else. Hopefully sooner versus later. I think you will find standing in your house will be so much better than standing on the outside looking in.