Saturday, June 27, 2009

UOP Tri Delta 50 year anniversary

Jill and I went to the 50th anniversary of the Phi Rho chapter of Delta Delta Delta at UOP yesterday. It coincided with the University's homecoming, so there were people from all the houses, dorms and colleges there. The following photo's in no particular order, give you a sense for the day and evening. The event is still going on, but I had work to attend to, and Jill needed to get home as well, so we had to leave early.

We grabbed our key at our old dorm, Grace Covell, and headed to the house. The campus is much larger than when we attended here. At one point they merged the old Delta JC campus with UOP. A lot has changed since we were here. They decided to focus more on academics, and ended the football program. They have had an increasingly tougher hand in Greek life, banning keggers and as one person told me all buffoonery. Can you imagine college without buffoonery?! Come on! How could we have survived or become such outstanding people without RFs or Mother's Day races?

When we got to Tri Delta, the house looked somewhat the same on the outside. Inside there were quite a few changes. There used to be wallpaper (paisley) that we called sperm wallpaper... GONE now. The house looks quite beautiful. However, they did away with our sleeping porch, (the sight of many fun nights, shower raids and Phi Tau's taking their dates to the Fireman Fling via ladders. Apparently, the home is owned by the University and they consider the porch a fire hazard. Not to mention the sight of too much buffoonery!

Almost immediately when we opened the door we saw a couple of familiar faces in the TV room. Carol Sexton and Laurie McFarland were there with the hugest of hugs. Robin Page was there too who had done so much to organize the day. Wink sat on the sofa and although she was in a later class, gave us a warm smile. All of them were so excited to see us you would have though we were rock stars. It did my mid century self-image good! Then we saw Barb Colclasure. Barb and I both attended Stephens College in Columbia MO. (We actually met at a prospective student luncheon in Pleasanton). Later it was a surprise when our paths crossed again, not only by transferring to UOP, but when we ran across sorority circle on pledge day. I think we are destined to be friends.

When you are attending one of these events you cannot help but remember the crazy things that shaped us all. Some of these moments were fully of giddy delight, others, well, let's just say were not our finest moments. The one thing that rings so true is that all of these moments helped make us who were are today. At the time you are living the moment you are unaware of how very significant everything day when you come back, to revisit this past life, and you are greeted like a rock star and you know... how incredibly blessed you have been.

Barb, who is a heck of an interior designer is now the mover and shaker of the beautification of our old house. She also is happily married to Jerry Oliver (DU) living in Turlock. I have never seen her with such a HUGE self assured smile. It made me very glad!

Barb's husband Jerry at the cocktail party ....
Jill not happy they put her married name on her name badge!
I don't think anyone called me Cathy or Youngling the entire time. It was COLLIS!
Kelly Dennis Bovee.... My little sister. It was amazing to see her and pick up like it was yesterday. Barb, Kelly, Cindy Bava and Mary Eberhardt all say they are coming to our WINE WARS in August. It will be such an honor!
They also say they will meet us at the finish line during the 3 day in October! Yahoo!

L-R Robin, Barb and Bonnie
When I was at Tri Delta, I was the person who led the porch yells (during my tenure). Last night I did again ... slightly older ,,,ahem,,,,, but still with harmonies that were learnt from Madge Merwin. I have to say some of the older DDDs seemed rather impressed...or intimidated.
I can't decide which!
There were glass mugs to celebrate the anniversary displayed on a table at the house. Inside the mug Barbara had placed a copy of my handwritten story that I wrote and read at Mom's Day way back when. I was really touched that anyone still had that. I am going to treasure it as it brings back some wonderful memories of my Mother, my sisters and those oh so magical days at UOP.


Carol, Jill, Bonnie and me

Jill and Bonnie

After going back to the house and sharing a few stories we ran to grab a bite to eat. I honestly don't remember the name of the place now... but it used to be Lyons! I had a Macy's credit card of my Mom's back then, and they took that at Lyons. We had many a late night meal at Lyons courtesy of my Mom! Last night after too much wine... it felt vaguely familiar!
Then we climbed into bed..Jill in the top bunk and me on the lower. We had a prime room. Rm #1. Somehow I think.... I used to live in that room! The next mornign Jill made me a cup of coffee and we got ready for our walk.

I should have brought along the camera when Carol Jill and I went for a walk. 5 miles through the campus first, then, through beautiful old established neighborhoods. Big tree lined streets and small parks. Charming bungalows and a few large homes. It was HOT... We ended up at the new University Center and enjoyed its air conditioning, a coffee and a bite to eat. Then we headed back to the house, a shower and a couple of goodbye photos.
Somehow Jill and I were talked into organizing our 1975ish group of Tri Deltas for a reunion in approx 5 years. Jill already has ideas. What I am glad about is... we have had a change to reconnect with some really fantastic people. I am thrilled they are planning to come and cheer us on in the 3 day and come and have a gas at our WINE WARS! I don't think we will lose touch for so long again. I mean would you if you felt like a ROCK STAR!

HEY join my sisters in supporting us...Donate or ask for an invitation to WINE WARS!