Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tiburon walk...

Today was a hodgepodge of a walking day. Starting in the morning at the dog park, Sophie and Tucker got to enjoy a wonderful romp only landing in one sizable mud puddle. They have been getting up early as the sun has been rising a little earlier in the morning. It helps get that first walk of the day in.

Later, I had an appointment with some neighbors near the top of our neighborhood. From my house to theirs is a steady climb. I left with about 12 mins. to get there. I had forgotten about how steep it really is, so when I realized I was running a little late, I had to put it into overdrive and CLIMB! When I got there, I had those same foggy glasses that I get when I glow!

IN the HOOD!

After my appointment I headed over to my friend Carol's house. She is in the middle of a kitchen remodel. It is going to look great, but I think she is the middle of the process, I bet she wishes she could fast forward to the final product!
Walking back home was a breeze since it was downhill....

Patti and I had made a date to walk out to Tiburon for lunch. She had a dental appointment so I waited for her call and then headed out to Blackie's Pasture.

The day had started out gloomy, grey and overcast, but slowly had turned into a beautiful blue sky - wonderful walking weather. Patti had her new shoes on (I mean NEW...the ones she bought at the Sports Basement didn't work out so she went back and bought some New Balance shoes, hopefully these will work out better!)
This walk is a great one to take people on to see how beautiful living in Marin can be. You walk along the bay, by sports fields and elegant homes lining the waterside. All of this walk is nearly dead flat and easy, so it gives you ample opportunity to talk while you walk.
This may be one gift, I hadn't anticipated when I signed up for this walk. I have to say, this may be one of the best opportunities in years to get reconnected with some of my dearest friends. The topics run the gamut... "What should our new career be?" "Where did you think you'd be now, when we were in college?" "You never talked much about your Breast Cancer when you were going through it."
And she was right... I didn't. I put my head down and really only wanted to focus on the positive. I didn't go to support groups because I was afraid. Afraid of the women who weren't as positive, maybe because their circumstances, simply weren't as positive. I was afraid of women who were afraid. I was, afraid if I sat in a room with my fear I would have to acknowledge it.
I know everyone is different, but, for me... this was my coping mechanism. I have said before in this blog that it has taken just about all this time to be able to talk about this. I have been avoiding dealing with that fear for 14 years. But today, I can see, I found my own way. What was right for me, could have been the polar opposite for someone else.
Although it is hard NOT to do this, it is best to not judge another's response to life's traumas, by how YOU would react. There is really only one way for that person to respond...and that is the their own way. Of the 20 women who will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer this hour, there will be 20 different ways to handle the news.
The response I have the hardest time reconciling is fatalism.
I can think of two women who I knew whose response was to give up.
They both died within a year.
NEVER give up - NEVER give in - ALWAYS believe you are the one who will survive and
guess what...you will be.
PS - The Wine War update
So far we have 5 wineries represented at our Wine War.
Kendall Jackson is donating 3 cases and sending a representative to pour!