Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dreams I dream

If I were a fairy princess, I would have magical powers.

If I wanted the moon to shine more brightly in the dark and churning sky, I would wave my hand and shout to the sky... "More light Mr. Moon" and the moon would comply.

If I wanted to fly from here to there on my celestial wings, I would stretch my arms high above me until feathers appear and I would call "Up, I say, up!" and be lifted above the world.

As a fairy princess I could make enemies friends, and friends lovers and smiles out of frowns. I would look at the people who were not seeing what was in front of them - throw my arms out to them and call "Wake up and look!" They would turn and understand how much they truly care.

In my pink fairy dress I could blink my eyes and shout "Away with you!" and all cancer would disappear. There would be no chemotherapy, because I would make cancer disappear by commanding it to go. Because there would be no need for this potent poison, a woman's hair would never fall out, it would be long and flowing and catching the light as it moves in the breeze. Tears would turn to laughter and people would not die until they were very old and ready to move on to the next life.

But I am not a princess fairy and I possess no magic. Cancer is real and it will take real science and determination to end its fearful reign. By myself I am only one person wishing cancer away. Together though, we have created magic. Our efforts have raised over $26,000 just through our little five person team. That money will make its way to the people who really can end cancer. It will help fund research, and more than that it will find its way into the hands of people who need assistance now. It will help fund education and awareness that will save hundreds of thousands of lives, like mine.

But as I walked down the street in San Rafael today,
and passed this pink dress,
I thought to myself.... I wish....I wish....

3 days to go.