Monday, September 7, 2009

It's all in a Labor Day Walk....

What a lovely Labor Day. The weather was perfect, the walk was long but manageable. The company was delirious but delightful.

All in all a very good day.

I needed this walk in a bad way. I needed to hit the ground early and head off, leaving any stress behind me. I could feel my shoulder relax even as Glenn, Patti and I ate our pancakes at 6:30am. I suppose, I could have still been asleep, so that is why I felt so relaxed!

After Glenn left (to go back to sleep) Patti and I headed out from Sausalito with the goal to go as far as our feet would take us (up to 10 miles) and then head back. With the 3 day only 3.6 weeks away, we both felt a walk of around 20 miles would be a wise move. The early morning sun left long shadows cast on the walking path. We looked like Goliath like warriors on the march.

There are several great things about walking early. The road is not as crowded with bikes and runners. The air is still and there is a general sense of peace around. As the sunrises higher in the sky, and the day takes its hold, the air gets warmer, and the crowds start to arrive. By walking early you can preserve a small part of the day of other things. Heck by walking early you are ahead of the game in more ways than one.

Our route took us along the bike path to Lomita, and up and over to Corte Madera. Passing the Town Center we wandered up to the old Railroad right of way and took a left through Larkspur and heading toward Kentfield. Once in Kentfield we walked along Magnolia hanging a left at Kent, and on to Ross. Then the end of this leg took us through the town of San Anselmo to Marinita's restaurant for a margarita and some lunch.

Words are just not going to do, in trying to describe how hysterical we both were in that restaurant. We were talking about the blog and we were talking about our sorority sisters. Now mind you this is, count it one, margarita. Patti started to tell me about how her father had encouraged her to join the sorority. According to Patti, he said, " You will be life long friends with......." Then she started getting choked up. She couldn't finish her sentence. And I said... "Well now we know why we can't be drinking margaritas on these walks!"
You may not think that was funny, but watching us both dissolve in laughter surely would have be contagious had you been there. Ok...maybe you had to have been there.

After we semi-composed ourselves... I asked Patti if she'd like another margarita. She lost it again laughing saying they would have to haul her away to the loony bin. So on we walked retracing most of our steps. Along the route we saw a lot of homes we wouldn't mind at all calling home. My favorite of the day was on Shady Lane. It was a sign from God that a kitty who lived next door was walking the fence. Patti decided I could have my house, if she could have the kitty and the house across the street.

Some where along Magnolia in Larkspur we saw these green balls laying on the sidewalk. I think Patti said "Look at all those tennis balls," but she may have said "looks like a lot of tennis balls." I told her they came from the tree and looked to be the same type thing I have seen designers use in big bowls to decorate a home. Who knows what they are called and what the tree name is... email me!

Admittedly both Patti and I could periodically complain about some ache or pain. But we are good walkers and have learned that is a sign to stretch, or take a break. We stopped at the Piccolo Pavilion in Corte Madera and stretched using the park benches.

We headed back over the hill and down into Mill Valley. Passing the Soccer fest with about a million kids near the community center. By the time we hit Patti's parking lot, we both had our individual ideas of how we would cool down and relax. Patti pictured herself sitting the dock on the back of her house boat and dangling her feet, I was headed for a big glass of water and some Epsom salts. Both of us knew ... one final stretch was mandatory!

Well, now here I am a hour or so later. My hair is washed. My leg has soaked. I drank my water and have written this entry and guess what... I feel fine!
Its great to know we can do this thing... this 20 mile day thing. There is still time to support us while you help to end breast cancer... click here to donate or the link on the upper right of this page. You know you want to....