Sunday, September 20, 2009

A walk and a sail

At the end of our walk yesterday Patti asked me if I would like to take a walk today. She let me know that she needed to leave at 8am, since there was yet another birthday celebration for her planned. (This girl has more Birthday celebrations than your average person!)
Glenn had asked me if I wanted to go sailing with he and our good friend Dana. I said I did, but training is more important than ever, here in the last 2 weeks. I told him our plan was to walk to Cavallo Point and back and he suggested he pick me up there.
Knowing that I would have no idea when they would be there, I suggested I just keep walking and maybe rendezvous at the St. Francis Yacht club. So when I headed out in the morning, I had my phone turned on and ready for "the call."
We met with Wren, a fantastic gal from our club, and a good friend of Patti's, who walked with us to Cavallo Point. We stopped in Murray Circle to have a latte (and I added some unbelievable muffins!) We sat on the porch while we enjoyed looking out over the parade grounds. It was a leisurely start to the day, but we all have places to go. I left to go on my way.
The hike up to the bridge is a far cry away from the first time I walked this hill. Then I would have to stop every few steps to breathe. I would say I need to take a picture, but I was just taking a break. You will notice in this pictures from that hill. It was up and over for me. Straight onto the bridge. I noticed half way down the bridge that my posture was tall. I was walking like a proud peacock. My chest was out, my chin was high and my gaze was out to the horizon. I watched the tourists and dodged a few as I headed to the south part of the bridge. I felt like I owned this bridge. These people were visiting my bridge. It was a unique feeling and made me smile.
I texted Glenn when I made it down to Crissy Field. I suggested I could meet them at South Bay Harbor (down by the ball park). But the timing was perfect to be picked up at the St. Francis as planned. When I got to the yacht harbor, there was a lot of activity, from huge yachts to to small 29ers or something like that. It looked to me that they would have trouble bringing the boat all the way in, so I walked down to the Golden Gate Yacht Club, down at the beginning of the breakwater, to see if there would be somewhere for them to pull in to pick me up...and there was!
As I saw them round the corner I looked over to the Marina Green and saw dozens of kites soaring in the air. I wished I had a better camera to take this photo, but you get the idea!
How many people on earth can say, they walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and then was picked up by two fine gentlemen and whisked away for a sail on a J-105 on San Francisco Bay, not many I'd guess. But that is what happened to me. There was another passenger named Courtney, who is a friend of Dana and Misakos, onboard as well.
The sail had a good mix of wind 20+ knots, sun and shelter in the lee of Angel Island and lots of sea life; pelicans diving for fish, seals looking rather curious and a bit lazy and the other birds all vying for there spot of the sky and sea. It reminded me a bit about the otters who looked so happy. San Francisco Bay is more alive than ever, or maybe its me.
It's been a busy few days and for sure it will be a busy few weeks.
It is amazing to me that the end is in sight. In the meantime..... Bye for now.

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