Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day... ah yeah.


So far my labor day weekend has been marked with a cloud, but I hope it has a silver lining.

Glenn and I headed out to the California Academy of sciences with the goal of finally seeing the reborn institution in all its glory. I had on quite a few mornings during this training thought, how can I walk there and still have the energy to walk around and see everything. We planned to walk to the beach after our visit, before heading down to see Glenn's Dad. It felt like it would be the perfect day. But I got a phone call.

Suffice it to say, my work life overlapped with the perfect September Day, leaving a pit in my stomach. The rest of the day, and even now after a night's sleep and a visit to the Sausalito Arts Festival, I am feeling off kilter. All of life is about balance. Life will continue to present conflicts that I have to find a way to manage. The best I can do is look forward and make some changes.

Look for an old familiar face coming back to REAL MARIN GAL. The team will be growing. The support will be broader, both for me and for my clients. We will continue to provide the best in Real Estate in Marin. In the process all of us will be able to count on living life to the fullest. It will be an exciting time and it has all come out of a phone call that set me off kilter.

It's funny how things work sometimes isn't it.

So.... onward in the search of finding the balance. And on that note.... lets take a look at some holiday pictures, at the California Academy of Sciences and the Sausalito Arts festival. Enjoy....

We drove from the beach to the Cow Palace to scout the route of the first day of the 3 day.


P.S. Walking tomorrow with Patti will be great therapy. Wednesday should be a great day of walking too. Meanwhile, look for a new listing in Cape Marin hitting the market for Broker's open on Thursday 10-2 at 19 Gregroy Place $1,225,000

Also working on a new listing in Marinview at the top of the hill.

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