Thursday, February 18, 2010

12 miles.... Ferry to SF and back to Sausalito

Today, since the forecast was for clear skies with 5 days of showers ahead, I donned my new hat and took off for a SF walk. Training while working is an art. It needs to be somewhat spontanious to factor in weather conditions and last mintue clients. The good news is I am busy at work. the bad news is I am busy at work. This makes walking in the winter doubly difficult. I took my opportunity and ... walked with it.

First stop an office meeting... Second stop the office.... Third stop the Sausalito Ferry.
Despite the grey and cloudy skies, several tourists were still braving the trip via Ferry to SF. These darling little girls were from England. They were excited about being so far from home. Seeing sights I have seen a dozen times with new eyes of wonder. I apologized for the lack of view to their Mother, who looked astonished. It was a very fine view indeed, to her.
On the ride on the way over I struck up a conversation with some people visiting from San Diego. I pointed out Belvedere and Angel Island. One woman said "Oh I heard there are lots of lakes on Angel Island." To which I responded I think there is one, but it might be better described as a pond. Their children were debating whether they would rather live on a farm or by the ocean. One decided a farm by the ocean, but the other's thought that would be impossible. They asked about sharks in the Bay. I told them I could introduce them to my son-on-law who knows the answer to that question.
When I got to SF, Patti met me for a bite to eat. Pork Carnitas. Probably not the best choice because whatever you pick, you walk with... I decide pork likes to talk back.
When I left the Ferry building it was around 1:45 or so... I headed off solo, feeling mighty glad I had worn my jacket. It was cold and it never would warm up.

I made a stop at Pier 39 looking for the Sf Music Box Company. A very fine fellow and contractor I know, Robert and his wife Beth recently had a baby girl. I love the idea of music boxes...
After I discovered the shop was now a part of another shop called Seasons, I found a couple of things.... One the man in the shop didn't know a thing about little girls, and second, even though I love Wizard of Oz and I found the perfect pair of clicking red ruby slippers, I couldn't buy that for a little girl. I bought a nice box that they could put her picture on... it plays "It's a small world", and on walking trips like this you really see that.

It was so cold as I walked through Fisherman's Wharf no one was sitting outside.

The tourists were walking with purpose... while

This salty dog's locks blew in the wind.

At Aquatic Park works continues on the restoration. The tide was in and the water Lapped at the steps and rocks.

This walk I decided to climb up to the Hostel above Fort Mason. You discover a few things you haven't seen before like these holding tanks of some sort.

And a classroom of students with leaves, flowers and notebooks
held tightly in their hands.

Looking back on Aquatic Park

Looking down on Fort Mason

One of the buildings around the Hostel

I thought only young people went to Hostels...what's this old dude doing?

Benny Bufano Statute

Same Statue

Another piece of art in the park in front of the Hostel

Down to Mariner Green and out toward Crissy...

They have done a lot of restoration both building and landscape to Crissy Field. Here are Strawberry plants. Will they bear fruit?

Outside the warming hut they have posters describing different wildlife. I had wanted to take a photo of the crabs at Fisherman's Wharf but despite very few people there, one Japanese Tourist stood in my way... I didn't want to wait... so here's your crab picture.

Fishing Pier at Crissy

Then up to the bridge.... Brrrrr

Looking down at Fort Point... On the SF side

On the Marin side almost to Fort Baker.

At the marina - Coast Guard Boats and Canadian Geese.

Back to Sausalito. Looking back at Vahalla. Does anyone know if they used to have boats tied up here. I think the water would have too much surge, but there are pilings that make me think they must have.
SO people... I am doing my part. I am out there in the cold walking miles to keep in shape for the BIG walk Oct 1-3. (I won't kid you, I love it...) BUT... I need you support. I am $900 form my lowest of goals 0 the minimum I need to walk $2300.I would very much appreciate your donation. AND if you aren't my facebook friend, friend me so I can send you an invitation to WINE WARS II. Scheduled for Friday the 13th of August. We have our first SOLID commitment from a winery.. Kendall Jackson will be returning... Maye pouring La Crema like last time ...maybe something else. You don't want to miss it.
As time goes on, I will have more information for you. BUT for now... do a gal a favor