Friday, February 19, 2010

Printed by permission of Nicole Anderson

You Know You’re A 3-Day Walker When….

1.You consider waking up at 7 A.M. “sleeping in”.

2.Half of your wardrobe is pink.

3.When you cross the street, you are disappointed that people don’t honk, wave, or blast Disco music as they drive by, and that there are no children handing out popsicles or candy on the street corners.

4.You carry Body Glide in your purse (or satchel if you’re a man!).

5.The word “can’t” does not exist in your vocabulary.

6.Your child’s first word is “boob” and it has nothing to do with a meal.

7.You believe the dancing Panda or Fruit on the street is really putting on a show to celebrate you.

8.Altruism is an innate part of your being.

9.When someone at work complains about a blister, you whip out your survival kit and ask “Do you need moleskin, second skin, tape or liquid bandage?”

10.You wear your callused feet (aka hooves) like badges of honor while secretly longing for the day when you can have a pedicure.

11.You have a wide assortment of hydration pack options, and must stay within a 4-mile radius of a bathroom.

12.You know far too many reasons for walking

13.Your significant other is greatly humbled when going on a “simple hike” with you.

14.“Kindness Rocks!” is your mantra.

15.You know the importance of proper footwear, and when you find the perfect pair of training shoes, you buy them in bulk to stock up for future 3-Day walks.

16.While others are celebrating the winter holidays, you are going through what is known as “3-Day Withdrawal Syndrome”, missing all the kindness and love from the event, counting down the weeks until the next training season starts.

17.People think you are insane, and yet have no medical proof.

18.You know what an ice bath is and aren’t afraid to use it (even if there is much cursing involved).

19.When you see other 3-Dayers, your secret sisterhood handshake is a hug.

20.You dream of a world without breast cancer and believe in your heart it will happen one day.

And just so you know... you know you're a 3 day walker ...when you read this you are bawling and can't read it outloud to your husband. Thanks Nicole for capturing it so well.