Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's a feeding frenzy!

I am looking out my windows out toward Strawberry Point. There must be literally 2 thousand gulls sitting in Seminary Cove, with another few hundred circling overhead. Just what is it out there that is so darn compelling. If I were a gull I would have to fly over there to find out!

I think the Real Estate boom from 2000-2008 was that kind of feeding frenzy. Ultimately, people often act like the social beings they are. If the group is doing something, then they better hurry up and get in on it or they will miss out. I know, in advertising, I have made an error or two specifically because I decided to join in. I remember the ad that cost me $1500 in a hard bound book about Marin that I doubt anyone but Realtors saw. Wish I had that $$$ back now!

So here we are, the market has swung downward, as person after person got nervous watching the news and seeing their neighbors panic. But what is the truth? The truth is the market IS improving and homes ARE selling. Prices ARE lower in many incidences than the actual value. Now IS a good time to buy. But people being people, may wait awhile until they see the stampede back to the Real Estate buffet table. If you are in the position that you have been waiting, think what it may feel like to look back in ten years at these prices and realized... you waited too long. Make your own timing... make your own luck and by all means make your own decisions.

Remember the book about Jonathan Livingston Seagull.... Right now I am looking at the sky and I see one lone gull circling clear across the bay, swooping down to pick off some fish without the competition from the other side... Somehow, I think.... he may know something the others don't.