Thursday, February 4, 2010

A day in the life... of a walking Realtor

Rain is coming! Rain is coming! That means it's time to squeeze in as much as you possibly can before it hits. The dogs have been looking longingly at both Glenn and I every morning as we get ready to head out to work. Their faces turned up to us with that sad little whine that says... please take us out for a walk. When the plead goes unheard, the barking starts, followed by turning on each other in frustration and boredom. It has been too long.

So Glenn and I got on the mud boots, and grabbed the dogs to head out to the dog park. As we walked through the grassy field, the squish squish slop of our boots through the mud, didn't seem to bother Tucker and Sophie at all. Somehow dogs are always optimistic. It surprised me that they didn't tire out at all. At the end of the walk they smiled at each other with a deep contentment. Ahhhh life is good.

I headed off to the office to drop off a reminder for the upcoming meeting about my first Broker's Open at 463 Live Oak. In my marketing I let people know there was another reason they should come to see this romantic home. Not only would they see a great private retreat, but I was serving Cajun Split Pea Soup.

To put this into perspective, I usually have 30-40 agents through a first open house in Tam Valley. Half way through the morning the soup was gone, the foccacia bread was disappearing and there was one lone molasses cookie on the tray. By the time the open house was over, there was nothing left (not even the bottles of water) and over 70 agents had come through. Could this be my new 2010 marketing tactic?! I think so.

A good life indeed. Time with the dogs. A great open house. Time to take a short walk afterwards. Dinner with my honey.
Does it get any better.... maybe... but this was a pretty good day.

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