Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bears under the bed, Monsters in the closet, devils in the pillow under my head

What is it about those early hours. The sleepless wrestling with thoughts running wild. They say, it comes with age sometimes. Whatever it might be, it won't leave me alone.

Last night I felt like the little kid I used to be when I would wake to nightmares so real they would leave me screaming. Last night I woke to worries that multiplied each second, each more troubling than the last.

Of course there is nothing much you can do to chase them away. The more you try the more persistently they return. What ifs become real in the middle of the night. So at 7:30 when Glenn came upstairs I greeted him blurry eyed and with incomplete sentences. I made at least one wrong turn while driving. My typing was worse than usual. But... I am still here. Awake at 5pm.

In the daylight you can see all your worries are not as overwhelming as they seemed at 3am. In the daylight you can see where to go. Maybe... I should simply leave the lights on tonight.

PS I am taking votes on a new name for Wine Wars. July 29th our fantastically marvelous party is going to be renamed. Here are your two choices.... #1. Cheers to a Cure or.... #2 Paint the Town Pink! Which one will bring in the big bucks?

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