Friday, February 4, 2011

A Change of Venue

On this frosty morning, I got dressed in walking clothes. Unlike most of my days in the past several months, I didn't have pressing reasons to sit at my desk in the office. I was able to think instead of where to go ... and when to go ... on a WALK!
Glenn and the dogs joined me for the start of the day at the Mill Valley dog park. The dogs definately wanted to stay after it was time to gather up the blue rubber balls and head home. But eventually they relented and allowed themselves to be lifted into the XTerra for the short ride up the hill home.
Glenn headed off to work and I began to think. Where should I go? Should I head to SF? Up to Healdsburg or over to Sonoma? I forgot my friend Barbara was off visiting her daughter in So Cal, and thought for a minute I would head to Sacramento... instead I drove over to Napa.
I didn't have an idea of where to walk when I was there so today was a meandering kind of day.
When people from other places think of the California Wine Country, I would guess the average person thinks of Napa. Napa, compared to other wine country towns... is more of a city. But the closer you get to the old "core" of the town, the homes tend to look more and more Victorian. Stained Glass windows and gingerbread detail make each unique from the other. But in the initial part of my walk I walked along the waterfront on Napa River and saw a new development of Hotel, Restaurant and Condos.

The walk along the river is along a newly poured walkway.
There are numerous restaurants, including a two new ones of Food Network stars, Chef Morimoto and Tyler Florence.
This one ...

And this one.

The new condos are above the restaurants.

3rd Street Bridge
Street Art....
Little Napa Ducks

Napa Wine Train... We have a trip donated from them for Wine Wars...
Not the food though, just the trip!

Down the center of town is a new outdoor mall. It lacks personality to my eye...

So I headed west toward Hwy 29. This fine old home is the headquarters for the
"Wine Spectator."

This is the Beazley House where Glenn and I stayed eons ago!!!

Some of these old homes, are just homes, and I think in need of some TLC.

This home has the most beautiful chandeliers hanging inside.
I am guessing it used to be residences of some school officials.
Back in town I stopped for lunch at Fish House. Run by the Larkspur Restaurant Group who run Yankee Pier. I felt the setting was lovely... the crab sandwich pedestrian.
Which I suppose is appropriate for a walker.
It was full.


After lunch I crossed the 3rd Street Bridge to walk the other side of the River.

Looking back at the new development.

Walked through an opening in the fence.
There are these eagle/osprey along the river I suppose to scare away the other birds.

But these domesticated geese weren't scared at all.

I kept my distance so they wouldn't chase me.

Looked like a Yacht Club to me.

Some homes had slips for their boats.
I crossed back over the river after taking one false turn... But I knew where I was now.

Napa... all I needed to do was follow the river.

Back to town and my waiting car.
When I got back home the dogs were waiting at the gate with their wagging tails. I walked into the kitchen to see the dog food container on inside and a half a bag of dog food gone.
Ummmmm maybe they should behave better on leashes and
next time I should take them with me.