Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its that time again

Probably a mistake to get up and, come upstairs, fix a hot herbal tea, open up the computer to read my mail and then, start to write. I have a sneaking suspicion I will be sitting awake for hours. Its 3 am now. I've done this before.

I woke up to a heavy downpour and once it passed the sound of distressed coyotes in the valley. Then the brain kicked in. Thoughts of work and each individual, their houses, the marketing, the banks, the buyers, the sellers, the agents, the tenants, the neighbors, the photographers and the things to be done, or undone and done again. It is a stressful time in Real Estate and it seems even the simplest task takes on a new level of complication.

My thoughts then travel on to things more relaxing for me. The walk. The party in July. The training. (Since it has been raining for the past couple of days .... not enough training, although Myriam tells me I could be walking in the rain..... but that's another story).

I feel the cadence of the 3 day building. I received a few donations this week and the promise of a few more. From Strauss family Creamery we are getting a great gift basket that sound delightful. An old milk bottle carrier filled with goodies and gift certificates to 10 of the their products, a beanie cap, a tee shirt and two milk bottles. That will make a wonderful raffle prize. Morris Pest will contribute an inspection again, and I think Gregg Flaherty will donate a home inspection as well. I am trying to keep a running tally of the things that are being donated on the new website

In the last couple of days a new development in my hopes to shine some light on Breast Cancer has been the MLB's announcement of selection of a Breast Cancer Awareness advocate as their bat girl for Mother's Day. For those who know me, you know, I LOVE baseball in general, but most particularly the GIANTS. At first I was a little shy about self promotion to be selected as the Giants Bat girl, but I really really really think that would be just about the coolest thing ever. I mistakenly thought, the Rockies may send out their ball girl for the game in San Francisco, so I had Glenn nominate Allison. I understand now they will select another home game... But she would be a great representative of Susan G Komen. She walked in 2 walks so far and suffered through some pretty nasty foot problems to do it. She would be great.

There are so many people who have done so much to help end Breast Cancer. I have my fingers crossed. So if you want to vote, you can go to and look for the noroary bat girl contest, click on the contest, then click on the Giants and Cathy Crushes Cancer for me and if you want to vote also for Allison click on Rockies and Allison the Ace. By the way I think you can vote as many times as you'd like (kind of like how they do the all star game!)

Next topic.... Katie. She sent us some pictures of her new place. It looks so nice. It has a little view out over a creek. It seems light and bright and in a rainy place like Seattle that is a good thing. They have Blixa's room all decorated and looking sweet. I liked to see what things she has put out to make her place feel like a home. I like to see what she chooses to put on the mantle. The stuffed creatures on her sofa, the things from Germany, he father's b'day pins, her sister's wedding candle. I truly hope we can find the time to go and see everything in person.

Our daughters are grown up. I only wish they weren't so far away.

OK.... now it is 3:40. One more sip of sleepytime tea and lets see if I can... find some sleepy time. I am so ready for a long long walk.