Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fitting it all in

The turkeys (we have wild turkeys in the neighborhood) are waking up. It is about time. I have been awake now for a couple of hours working. The sun is just starting to lighten a dark sky. Its pretty cold out there for Marin standard's in the upper 30s.

This week will be a challenge with two new listings hitting the market, one long long short sale escrow at a turning point, listing appointments and buyers needs and of course training for the 3 day. Sometimes it feels next to impossible to find the time.

I think about my partner Myriam who told me I should look at a 3 mile walk a day as NON NEGOTIABLE. She is a runner who makes time almost every morning to run or hike. She is juggling work and kids and doing a great job at it. This barefoot runner, likes to run in the rain. She doesn't mind the cold. But I am not her...

I don't like walking in the rain (unless it is just a drizzle and I don't have to work right after). I don't like walking in the freezing cold (unless I can bundle up and have someone to take my jacket when I get too hot). I don't like walking when it is dark (unless Glenn is with me to scare away coyotes and cougars). I don't like walking when I know my cell phone will ring constantly because I have left business behind that only I can handle.

But.... I do love to walk. I love the feeling that with every step I take I am walking away from the stress and toward something important. I love when I can walk with my friends and talk about life. I love a soft breeze that carries the scent of spring flowers. I feel more powerful as I notice how the training begins to shape my legs and I take pride when I see a tan line on my calves from wearing my walking pants. I really do love when I walk how I discover tiny little things that you would never notice as you whiz by in a car. The birds on the bay, the flowers between tiny crevices in the rocky hillside. I love how when I walk, my shoulders aren't all bunched up like they are now at the computer. I love to walk.

I have loads of excuses for why I cannot walk these days. And like all excuses they are based in the truth, but they are only partial truths. What the fundamental truth is, is, I love to walk and I am very much in need of a long one. Maybe today will be the day. Clear skies today and tomorrow (open houses), then rain I hear, a cold cold rain. The only question is.... can I leave the cellphone behind? Like I said there is a lot going on.......

I am asking for your help on two things.... Your continued support to help me become the Giants Honorary Bat girl on Mother's day.

AND DONATE to one of the new 3 day Cure Ambassadors.... ME!