Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Early morning with Glenn to the Beach


This morning, as dawn broke, I woke to the sound of the turkeys on our hill and grey skies.
I went upstairs as Glenn slept and tried t keep the dogs quiet so he could sleep a little longer. The forecast was calling for rain. Yesterday I debated whether this week would be a wash out for training.

Yesterday I saw a video from Kathi in Ohio who is battling Stage 4 Cancer. She is in the hospital with internal bleeding. She is quite the courageous survivor and perhaps the most positive and brave of souls. Her daughter asked if she wanted to say anything. She thanks everyone for their prayers and said that their encouragement makes her day. After watching her, I thought to myself how petty it was to complain about a few rain drops. How could I NOT go train when she was going through this. How could I sit there using the rain as an excuse, and I determined I was going to go walking today come Hell or High water.

But somehow as I watched Glenn sleep I was slowly losing my resolve. The I watched a commercial from Taiwan.

I got up and sat next to the bed downstairs, staring at Glenn until he woke up.

I said " come walk with me!" He opened his sleepy eyes and said "dog park?"
And I said NO... BEACH!

So off we went. Ready for a cool possibly wet morning off to Tennessee Beach.

The trail was muddy and the grass laden with the last rain drops. There were only a few other people taking the chance to walk this morning unlike you'd find on a sunny morning.

The escargot crossed the path at a...snail's pace.

The salamander was a little bit faster as it scampered to the grass.

Although the rain held off on our walk, we know we had just missed some.
Other's discovered the same thing.
I thought I should take a video..

Reaching the beach you could hear the ocean long before you could see it. The winter storms
stirring up the waves and misting the air.

Heading back we tip toed through mud puddles.
I noticed the old house that used to be here was demolished leaving only a bit of foundation and some adobe tiles from the roof. Old homes in the area, once the lease is expired are torn down, reverting the Valley to its original state. At some point these eucalyptus trees will be removed...they are invaders from another land.

I told Glenn I was a little disappointed at having not gotten wet,

so decided to puddle stomp the last hundred yards.

We got back tot he house showered and left for work with enough time to stop for coffee.

Training it not a chore, its a gift. Every time I find the time to go, I feel better, work better and smile more. So if you are putting off this kind of time for the sake of all your responsibilities, remember one of your responsibilities in this life is to LIVE and to live well.

Now go find a puddle and do some stomping.