Saturday, March 26, 2011

Loosing a warrior

Last night I came home from a nice evening out with Glenn, Patti and John. I opened my email and saw that there was a post in Caring Bridge about a brave Breast Cancer warrior, Kathi. Kim (her daughter) keeps people updated about the journey of her Mother through Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Kathi has fought a long and difficult fight, and now it seems the time has come to put down the chemo, wait for the end in as much peace as morphine can provide.

The hardest thing I know for someone who believes that there is more beyond life than there is here on earth, is not death, its the pain. To know that for this person who has fought so hard, the last days are so very painful seems so wrong. It seems like a punishment when it isn't, and it is next to impossible to accept that this person's death should be ..."this way."

When you get Breast Cancer you are often surprised to find out, it doesn't hurt. Cancer doesn't hurt. But when it becomes advanced, the havoc it plays on your body causes immense pain. Kathi has been taking morphine for a long long time. It seems like for most of the year+ that I have known of her.

Last year Kathi who has limited funds donated $500 to Allison's walk. She sent our whole team a thank you video. She has been an inspiration on days when I haven't felt like walking. I have never met her personally, but I know her. I know she is being surrounded by her angels and they are waiting for her to put down the mantle of this life so they can take her home. God bless you Kim and God keep you in his loving arms Kathi. You have done well. Its time to rest.

The angels come bringing their strength on the wind.
The horizon
is full of light, and love permeates your soul.
All pain floats away, disappearing into clouds of tears.
The here and now finds its place in forever.

Now is the time all questions are answered.
Now is when the angels lead the way to everything
and everyone both past and future.
They show the way and lift you up.
They lead you to eternity and suddenly in an instant,
you see.

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