Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rainy Days....

The rain has been falling for awhile now. Last night thunder and lightening put on a show while we were eating dinner. And Hail fell in a huge torrent was we began to fall asleep. The forecast calls for more than a week of this. So yesterday I broke down and bought some handy dandy rain pants and new Gortex shoes. I figured if I did that the rain would stop.

No more excuses!
So this morning I looked at Glenn while his nose was buried in the Wall Street Journal, and asked, are you coming with me? He looked up and then past my shoulder to the patio as the sky opened up in a gigantic downpour. "Ok," he said.

With my new shoes laced up, and my new pants ready to go, I put my pink Henri Lloyd foul weather jacket i gave the dogs a goodbye treat and Glenn and I piled into the Xterra to head down to my office. The plan was to walk from there to Toast in downtown Mill Valley for Brunch.

The rain tapered off by the time we hit the Mill Valley Bike Trail.
It was perfect weather for the birds.


Huddled up until the find a reason to move.

The geese and ducks were happy.

The rain had the creek running through Sycamore Park rushing right along.

This step light has become a mini terrarium.

Toast was full of happy dry diners.

On the way back Glenn stopped at the Magnolia (a homeowner association and client) to take some pictures.
Moss growing on a Redwood tree.
As we approached Tam High I saw Chelsea Hardesty, who rolled down the window to tell me she was impressed with the dedication. Gotta get out there to walk. 60 miles in 3 days takes dedication and a lot of training.
Steps to Tam High.

Back to the wetlands. But a lot of the birds had disappeared. It was raining a lot harder now. The cold water stinging my face and leaving my hair dripping. Beads of water would drop from the rim of Glenn's hat.

Tada 8 miles in the rain... and I was pretty dry except the hair.

Driving back to the house, I think we left Glenn's car wetter than we were.

When we got home, I got this picture from Allison from her Costco trip. Was this a hint?
A warm shower definitely was in order. I'll save the Epsom soaking for another time.


Such dedication should be rewarded!