Saturday, March 5, 2011

Training walk with dogs????

The weather forecast calls for clear skies today, with rain tomorrow. I been so busy I haven't been able to spend much time with Glenn. And certainly the dogs have been latch key puppies lately as we work so many hours, without them.
So it was decided we would be heading out somewhere...but where.
We could go to Point Isabelle in Richmond. Walk the dogs on leash in Golden Gate Park. Or (since it has been so much in the news) Crissy Field.
The dog policies of Crissy Field and all of the National Parks have been under scrutiny. It may be that dogs may not be allowed at all in part of the parks where they used to run free (leash or no leash). This past week they held meetings about Crissy. And the feelings are really strong on both sides. Dog loves, dog walkers and animal champions up against flora fans wanting to have those marshy plantings they have been planting at Crissy Field stay as pristine as possible.
My guess the outcome will be a compromise. Dogs allowed off leash on one section of the beach. On leash on paths elsewhere. But for now.... it is pretty much doggie heaven.
The first part of the walk we took the dogs down by the beach. It was a busy day with hundreds of dogs along the beach and grass of Crissy Field stretching the approx. 2 miles between the Saint Francis and the Warming Hut.
Sophie and Tucker took off with remarkable vigor. Sand flying, tails wagging, ears perky and alert and smiles spread across their faces. About 1/2 mile into the walk their vigor started to wane. I knew we needed a good long stop so once we reached the Warming hut, with their tongues hanging out, Tucker's ear eschew and their pace at a crawl, we stopped.

I had them pose for a minute before we headed back to the trail out to Fort Point.
They stopped every few feet to smell the ground, mark their way. The going was slow......

On our way back the way was even slower. We stopped often letting them take a break. I love a corgi break. Sophie is modeling the style... splaying her hind section behind her.

When Tucker is tired he cannot keep that tongue inside his mouth.

Back at the car you saw on the dogs faces some relief. It had been 5 miles and they hadn't walked in awhile. It seemed incredibly long to them.
Glenn calculated the number of steps they walked along the way. I think he came up with a million or so.... But to me... this was a nice stroll on a beautiful day. Training, well not so much.

You 3 day walkers take some comfort in Sophie and Tucker and know you can do it.
I remember starting my first 3 day and not being able to walk up and over the freeway without stopping 3 times. I started with 1 mile. Tucker and Sophie started with 5!
If this is your first 3 day walk follow the training suggestions the 3 day guide will give you. Soon you will be walking your 2 day back to back or 18 and 15 miles. You will amaze yourself.
I'm impatient. I want the skies to stay predictably clear and my schedule predictably flexible enough for me to walk the kind of walk I enjoy. Soon... soon enough.
Have you DONATED to my walk? If not please do.
I have a pretty high goal $16,000 and I NEED your help.