Friday, July 27, 2012

A long walk... with friends

We all think we have limitations.
I know when I began walking, training for the 3 day, my limitations were obvious to me. Never being an athlete I had little expectation for being able to complete 20 miles in one day. Patty began her training for the 3 day in the same frame of mind. Yesterday, Patty proved to herself she was better than her expectations, and in fact her ability was limited only by her own expectations. She and Allison and I walked 22 miles.

This is my vacation. It has been filled with unexpected business intruding in the midst. Friends are coming to enjoy the time we have here at the Russian River and to enjoy the peace here. The breeze through the redwoods, the egrets soaring up wind down the river, ducks traveling in their families from shore to shore... oh and dogs in blissful abandon running through the grasses and splashing in the water. It has always been a place where I can attempt to put everything else on hold.

The final count of the 3 day, the lingering 6 escrows have taken away somewhat from what is usually a timeout. BUT in the midst of all of this we did manage to head out yesterday from Guerneville to Healdsburg. The morning was overcast and the temperatures were cool as we left from our Russian River home down Neeley Road to River Road and east. Patty arrived promptly at 8 for what would certainly be a day long walk.
We passed funky cottages on the way to the busy River Road.
Crossed the pedestrian Bridge.
Headed past a PINK house

Back on the road...
A stop at Korbel

And back on the road as trucks and cars buzzed by. I would wave my hat at them to alert them on the curves that there were walkers ahead.
Off we went down Westside Road trying to decide where we would lunch. we were going to call Glenn and Chris (our walker stalkers) to join us.

Past wineries
In the way to others
We decided to stop at Porter Creek where Patty went tasting.
-Since their picnic grounds were "limited" we had the boys drive us to Hop Kiln. This was cutting another 2-3 miles off our route. I did some quick recalculations to decide a detour down W Dry Creek may be appropriate. Thinking it would result in a day of about 19 miles.
We took in the sights and became a sight ourselves,where people would stop and ask where we were going....

Patty at mile 19... not there yet.
At mile 22 we where at the Lambert Bridge .... All in one piece, albeit, tired.

We rewarded ourselves with beers and burgers in Healdsburg.
Aired out our feet.

And called it a day.

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