Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trains, train and icey beer

After a crazy Monday where our listing lost its second buyer in escrow, a bank was requesting a highest best offer and I didn't have the phone number for Myriam's Buyer and she is in Mexico, I got to explain to another set of buyers that Carbon Monoxide is odorless and no they couldn't SMELL it, tracking down an estimate to put a cap on a sewer or we cannot close another escrow, a client listing their home for rent (I don't usually do rental but these people are special to me),  plus the normal kind of Monday things - the day finished with the first offer that fell out on property #1 coming back to make a lower offer with a response time of 3 hours... I finally poured myself one scotch and soda. Then I kept breathing (honestly I had found some sort of Zen peaceful spot...) and I thought back on a great day yesterday in my "other" life.

I started to write "in this other life my biggest problem is sweat and where is the next icy beer." This is partially true, but of course there are many worries, even when I am chasing this passion of mine called the 3 day.

There are those pesky ILB issues; The calves that are growing daily to challenge your fashion sense by not fitting in many capri pants; the volumes of detergent you are using to wash your walking clothes; what socks to wear; when to find the time (that's a big one); how the fundraising is going (that's a big one too); worrying that your business associates are DONE with the whole 3 day thing; and of course the biggest one... how can we end this disease before another person asks my advice about how to help their "sister" "mother" "friend" who has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

But after a day like Sunday I am always left with a smile and a sense of having done just what I wanted to do. We started at the Golden State Model Railroad Museum in Pt. Richmond where we met the wide eyed Purchase kids, Leslie and Rob and Dana. We looked at this slice of Americana carefully laid out in scenes from Northern California. The intricate details created by those people whose passion is model trains captivating Glenn and Joe, Jack and Olivia perhaps the most of all of us. Glenn took some pictures he was excited to imagine as his screen savers. There were ALOT of those pictures and a couple are below. To me the picture I was taking (mentally and trying to with my little point and shoot camera) was of those eyes filled with delight.

So take a look at some of  the pictures of our day in Pt. Richmond, after the trains we headed around the point, through houses and to the Village of Point Richmond and the Natorium and finally an icy beer at a local spot. I wanted to not wait to post this post. Tomorrow is the fourth of July and I will be doing something I have not attempted....  more in a couple of days. Climbing the Dipsea steps.

COME have fun with us at Pinktiniand Popcorn!