Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A road trip tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be taking off for an annual tradition - the Tri Delta Phi Rho girls weekend.
For many years my sorority sisters have met at various "family" second homes. The past few years we have been at Alamo Ranch outside Santa Maria. Before heading out I had a chance to get in one more walk, this time on Treasure Island with Leslie, Patty and the kids.

I think (but I don't have confirmation) the 3 day this year will be camping on TI. I took everyone out to the fields where the walkers camped last year. What a treat this is for people especially from out of the area. Not only do you get a view from Camp of the City, but ferry rides to and from the island are sure to be memorable. I am so excited for the 3 day to come, but before it does there are things to do. MOST importantly it is PINKTINI and POPCORN.

And part of that is the logistics of the set up, the timing the programs and oh yes... the speech.
To me the speech is the way to connect the reason for all the effort. WHY are we all gathered in our pink? To have some fun for certain, but there is a higher cause. On my drive to and from Alamo Ranch I will be fine tuning what I believe will be a speech that is a reflection of what I have learned on the 3 day. Especially the importance of being a survivor.

So it's off I go. Hopefully to come back energized to tackle the event. I truly hope I will find JULY 22 to be WELL attended. I know it will be a great event.

Before I go... here's some pictures from today's walk.

 Heading out
 Jack and Joe
 Dogs and kids
Three walkers