Sunday, July 1, 2012

I can tell it's getting closer

 At four o'clock in the morning every worry seems to magnify. I lay in bed with eyes wide open and I feel like time is accelerating. I can feel all the events that have been on the calendar for a year getting closer. It isn't my imagination because the suggested walks are getting longer as my anxiety is building. There the party on the 22nd, only 3 weeks away, and then of course there is the 3 day - 73 days away.

The training schedule for the 3 day is made up of basically every other day of walking except two that are back to back on the weekend. Weekends are a bit tricky usually so I almost always walk on a Friday or Monday plus one weekend day, depending on that week's schedule. This week Leslie, the kids and I were joined by Patty our teammate for a 14.75 mile walk from downtown San Rafael around Pt. San Pedro.

Both Patty and Leslie are first time walkers and I sometimes forget what it felt like to wonder "Can I do this?" "What if I get blister?" "How am I going to sleep in a pink tent?" "Why IS it I am doing this anyway? and the thousands of other pesky little questions that nag us walkers. But I do remember that feeling when you have walked father than you have ever walked before only to look in the mirror the next day and say "I can do this!" That is one special feeling.

We all have to find a way to juggle life with the 3 day training. It isn't just 3 day and 60 miles - it is what ends up being 585 miles in an average year of training. That's a lot of miles. That's a lot of time. Leslie has three kids, 2 dogs, a husband and sometimes parents who visit. She is a busy lady what with kids school, games, piano lessons, trips to the library and all. Patty owns a linen shop and has that, plus her ailing mother in Maryland, a husband and all of those responsibilities. I have my Real Estate business, a husband and somehow, as the 3 day approaches my business is busier than ever. It is never easy to juggle and make the time.

As the party approaches at 4 in the morning, I am plagued with the list of things to do. There's a lot to do between now and then. But there is also the worry that the event, despite the effort will not be that successful. It is the keystone of our fundraising efforts and this year more than any other I have done more personally by sewing and augmenting the auction with personal donations. It isn't surprising then that I would be a bit worried that we make something from this all.

We changed the theme of the party from a wine event to a movie and fundraising event. I can't tell know whether or not this will be as much fun as our last ones. I only know now, it is getting closer. I named the event "Pinktini and Popcorn". I knew where the popcorn will be coming from but the Pinktini hadn't been selected. I mean there are a lot of pink drinks out there. So I decided to have a BBQ at my house and invite the usual suspects, the Purchases and Patty to come and bring their idea of the perfect Pinktini.

Everyone had different takes on the idea. One of my favorites was Jackie and Sean's Rose of pinot with Strawberry Puree and soda. The Cihak brought a sophisticated Processo and bitters drink. Dana brought a cocktail made form Crystal Lite, rum and orange liqueur. Leslie created a Pinkjito with Boob-berries. I made a drink from Raspberry Vodka, Raspberry lemonade and lime. Patty W made a Pomtini and Patti B made a Rasmopolitan. Since there was a tie between the Pomtini and the Rasmopolitan, we will have one more drink off at the event before we award the title Pinktini to one of them.

At four in the morning you think about a lot of things. One of them is how lucky I am to have friends who have fully embraced my passion for ending Breast Cancer. How they and I have found ways to enjoy the journey to the 3 day almost as much as the 3 day itself.

My nerves about the approaching party and the 3 day come from the same place. It is a place where I don't want it to come too soon. I want to fully enjoy the road along the way.

Here are some photos of the 14.75 walk (well really mainly the lunch stop) and our drink off on our patio last night. ENJOY.... and do a girl a favor, will you PLEASE RSVP and/or buy your tickets and/or buy some raffle tickets and/or bid on the auction and PASS the work around that the more people who come to play, the better everything will be....

The first half of Friday's walk was along Pt San Pedro Road winding past marinas, a stop at Andy's Local Market, up a couple of hills and finally to the entrance to China Camp State Park. Leslie's handy dandy stroller is wonderful because it allows her to walk with the kids without too much guilt, but as we hit those double digits, we need another plan. AHA! Have Rob pick up the kids at the half way point.

I asked Glenn to come out too and bring me a sandwich to share. So we all met up on the beach at China Camp Village. 

 Kids and Berries

 Katie Mae is the Purchase's new dog. This is one GREAT dog. It walks along side the stroller without any complaints or pulling. Maybe I heard this pup make one little sound somewhere along the way, but she is pretty quiet, even when the leash gets a bit tangled! That's a good dog,

 Kids and the beach

 Finding the perfect skipping rock with Mom

 Skipping stones

The rest of the walk was strollerless and Leslie was practically dancing for parts of it. But it does start to feel long... at about mile 12. We made it back in one piece, feeling good to get a longer one under the belt. The training schedule called for a 13 mile walk, we had walked 14.75. NOW that is how Team:Are We There Yet? rolls!

Last night at our drink off, people went to work straight away.
It was a fun evening. I hope Rob and Leslie don't think we are lunatics, which I suppose we are... but somehow its nice if people don't think you are...

I had the girls all model the aprons. Jackie modeled two... at once.... it was all pretty hysterical.

When the contest was over I awarded the wining two gals shoe pompoms. They think they are good head decorations!

 See what I mean?

 I think everyone had a good time... I love this picture of Patti Bott

 Dana signed his second book for Glenn and me.

 Folks were having fun all the way through the evening even as they were leaving.

 But the cocktail still hasn't been decided.... The pink man awaits
YOUR verdict.

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