Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 2 - Pt San Pedro

Yesterday was the last day of the back to back. (Longest training walks of the year.) It took some maneuvering but we found a way for Leslie and the kids to do half the walk with us. We shuttled her car to China Camp, while Patty sat with the kids, and all started out from Glenn's office for the walk out. It is along a busy but pretty road, so the walk is not stress free with three kids and a stroller. Patty and I are so impressed with Leslie and Rob's kids. They are bright, terribly cute, very well behaved and we can certainly see why. Leslie has helped them be that way.

We all, each of us on our team are strong strong women. Heck I guess like attracts like. Each of us have our own way of attacking this walk and training and even clothing choices. 

Patty's daughter Claire and our daughter Katie were best of friends when they were growing up. This is how I got to know Patty. She is one of a kind! When her daughter Claire was out visiting they went shopping for walking clothes and Claire decided her Mother should go PINK! I was delighted to see her embrace the PINK in her pink leggings and top. I told her that Glenn would not have trouble finding us with that color!

When I think about this 3 day I will be remembering a stroller and three kids.
And Leslie doing a pretty good job at doing it all.

 Yesterday was Leslie's Birthday. When we stopped at the market to pick up our picnic things I picked up a cupcake and a candle (and matches) and surprised her with the cupcake at China Camp.

 Patty helped the boys pick out stones for skipping on the beach.

 I combed the beach for some shells or....

 Patty looked for beach glass

Leslie told the kids they couldn't take the crabs home because they had to fulfill their destiny or turning into sand. So I told them I would take their pictures to remember them.

 Beach time over, Leslie and the kids headed back to Mill Valley via the Purchase van. Patty and I turned around and headed back to Glenn's office down Pt. San Pedro Road.

When we got back to San Rafael went had our icy beers in Pinky's Pizza Place.

DONE! In all I walked 35 miles. Now it is time to focus on getting stronger, packing, preparing for the 3 day in every other way. The training although not done completely is completely manageable regarding my time. It will feel like a vacation.

Time flies by.

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