Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Training for the ages

I apologize for not having written in a while. I have had one or two or a thousand pots on the fire, so to speak. Some days you are inspired. Some days you are inspired to write. Frankly right now, although inspired I am not too inspired to write. BUT in lieu of fine prose I will catch you up on Team:Are We There Yet? and our progress as we head to the starting line of the 2012 SF 3 day.

We got an announcement or two since I last wrote
 CONGRATULATIONS to Leslie who was selected to carry a flag in the survivor circle at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. I know how amazing that moment will be. I am so glad Komen selected her.
Leslie has had a lot on her plate. It is easy to put ourselves on the back burner. She got through her Cancer treatment only to have to deal with her daughter's Cancer. I am hoping this moment as brief as it will be will help her with her own healing. I know it helped me.

AND Komen's press release about the 3 day walk included me. That is quite an honor. If you read it in a paper it most likely will be near the classified ads! But what an honor. A long time ago I realized sometimes, the biggest gift you can give is just being there. Having Cancer for me was a bit different. After I got through treatment, I basically hid. I didn't really share what I had gone through. I didn't talk about it. Now, I am not shy at all about sharing my experience because I have seen that it can make a difference. I think in being quiet for so long about my Cancer, somehow I am making up for lost time?

The training this past week included a walk with the PURCHASE kids to Cavallo Point and back. I am constantly impressed with how accepting they are with all this walking. They may even sort of enjoy it!

Look at that sweet pea. I get major waves of gratitude and joy when I see Olivia these days. A year ago we were all in such a different space. I remember making her button to wear on my sash for DC walk. We all sent our prayers for her recovery and man is she ever showing me something. She runs, and giggles and hugs me and calls me Mrs Youngling (in an Olivia voice).

I have loved walking with the boys too. This walk I got to have a long one on one with Jack. He is a smart cookie. I believe he could be a great linguist. Joe has had my ear on a number of walks and loves to talk about trains. His birthday is around the corner...... The Purchase kids are my surrogate grand kids.

The next day I went on what was to be an 8 mile walk but I ended up walking 11. Then yesterday it was a walk to and from the office for another 7. This week we are supposed to walk our last long walk before the 3 day at 18 and follow that up with an 8 mile walk. It's almost here and I am trying my best to be ready.

STILL time to donate. I have fallen to #4 in the rankings (don't cry for me that is pretty good). This year I will fall short of my goal although I still have until San Diego to get there. I have raised $12,500 between the two walks. I would need another $4500 to reach my goal of $17,000. If you would like to donate, please do.

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